We love to help the environment, how about you?

Eco Stat is a group of environmental scientists and specialists who collect data on the environment around us to locate the threats and to make it a safe, and clean community for everyone. We are located in the lush forest of the Rocky Mountains so we can do testing and investigations.

What we do to protect you:

  • At Eco Stat we collect environmental data from testing samples of air, soil, water, and food found in our environment. We analyze these to identify if they might are contaminated due to pollution. Then we formulate plans to prevent, control, or fix these problems to create a safe and clean environment for people and animals. To warn others if there is a health risk we provide information and guidance to government officials, businesses, and the general public for their safety. We then prepare reports about our findings and think of ways to help these issues.

More Information:

EDUCATION REQUIRED: specialists must have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or natural science, such as biology, chemistry, or geosciences. A master’s degree may be needed for advancement.
SKILLS: -Must consider all possible solutions when conducting an analysis
- Must work well in teams due to the interaction with many other researchers and scientists.
-Must use problem solving skills to try and make the best output of a situation.
- Good speaking and writing skills
~ Many begin as a research assistant or technician and advance their way to become a project leader or manager of research.
JOB OPPORTUNITY: Environmental specialists have good job opportunities an dare now in higher demand due to new environmental laws and regulations.
PAY SCALE: The annual wage of environmental scientists and specialists is $61,700. The lowest earned less than $37,850, but the top 10 percent earned more than $107,990.