December Newsletter

Celebrating YOU.

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Let's #HeatUp December!

WOW what an incredible, record-breaking, exciting November!!! And did I mention FUN? Let's keep the momentum going and ‪#‎heatup‬ December!

Let's make this a DECEMBER TO REMEMBER! This is it...the final home stretch into the holidays. I promise if you make the effort over the next 15 or so days it will PAY off BIG TIME! What is your December WHY??? Do you want to earn your 2nd time promotion bonus (there will never be an easier time to get it)? Are you working toward a promotion this month? Do you want to earn $1000 to pay off your holiday shopping? If you are in Jumpstart, promoting to Associate Stylist this month and earning that $800 shopping spree should absolutely be on your list. This time is going to pass anyway so why not GO FOT IT!?

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Let's get GOING. To heat up December, Jess & I have planned a little holiday fun...

  • $500 by the 5th for 5! Sell $500 by the 5th and get a $5 Starbucks gift card!

  • STELLAR SELLER - Sell $5000 in December and get a cozy throw blanket!

How will you #heatup December? What is your goal!? Let me know so I can help you make a plan to get there!


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My favorite part of this newsletter...celebrating YOU and all you accomplished! This November was my favorite month so far in this business because the energy on our team was unmatched! It was SO much fun chatting on the phone, texting, Facebook messaging, and cheering each other on in our team Facebook page. This is really so much more fun with friends and YOU keep me excited about this business day in and day out! My job and mission is to help each of you achieve your goals/why and helping you do that is so fulfilling! Major #SDjoy!!!

This was a record month in team sales, new stylists, and promotions! We nearly DOUBLED our team volume from last November, had four promotions on our team, and held 43 Trunk Shows! SO many women are going to be holding their heads high with a boost of confidence from a pretty necklace or with the knowledge that they got an awesome gift. I am SO proud of each of you and what you accomplished--from qualifying for the first time in several months, to having your first trunk show, hitting your Jumpstart, or achieving a promotion! Congratulations on an amazing November!


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Bonnie Bontempo, Senior Stylist

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Deirdre Feeney, Associate Stylist

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Lana Hoang, Associate Stylist

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Jackie Fitzgerald, Lead Stylist

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Congrats to our Top Sellers in November!

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Ummmm HELLO NEW STYLISTS IN THE TOP 10!!!! Samantha Reed, Rebecca Perry, Natalie Powers, Kalie Roberts, and Jessica Burnett--WOW! All in their Jumpstarts!

Please welcome these Stylists who have joined our amazing, growing team!

Clap your hands for these Jumpstart earners!

Want to Earn MORE?

Associate Stylist is Easier to Achieve than EVER Before!

With Holiday Shopping in full swing, Associate Stylist is a no-brainer! This is totally achievable if you're brand new or a seasoned Stylist. Let me know if you want to go for this level so we can create a custom plan!

Benefits of being an Associate Stylist:

-$100 CASH bonus (+ $100 more when you hit your pay rank again within 6 months)
-$250 in product credit ($500 if you are in Jumpstart!)
-Earn coaching commissions
-Earn your stylist exclusive charm bracelet
-This is more fun with friends! Share your ‪#‎SDjoy‬
-Be an emerging leader
-Earn commission bonuses and your STYLEFIX coupon

How to get there:

-minimum 1000 PQV (personal sales)
-at least 1 qualified stylist on your team (she sells 500 PQV)
-minimum 2500 GQV (group sales)

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Words to Say...

Hi Susan,

I hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are here and I would love for you to be one of my Holiday Hostesses! While shopping with your friends, you can earn the latest in holiday style and get some holiday gifts off your list for free with our hostess rewards! And I will have some new spring arrivals with me as well - you are going to love them!

I'm open December 5 and 6 - which one works best for you?

Xo, Charlotte

Let's #HeatUp December!

Do you have a December goal? Book 2, 4, or more Trunk Shows? Sponsor a new Stylist? What about your Holiday Quick Want? Earn a shopping spree? Make $1000, $5000 or more? Want a promotion? I would LOVE to hear all about it. Let me know how I can help!
XO, Charlotte