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My name is Sierra Juarez. I'm 16 years-old, a sophomore at Eisenhower Senior High school and, as the title suggest, a bit of a nerd.

My Hobbies

  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Crafting
  • Sleeping
  • Listening to music
  • Watching Netflix

My Motto

"This is also going to pass"

I chose this as my personal motto because whenever I find myself stuck in a rut I can only think about negative things. I have to constantly remind myself that I will get through this and know that I do have a future beyond this point.

Something I will never change my mind about

There are lot's of things I firmly believe, however one thing I absolutely will never change my mind about is to always be kinder than necessary. To me it is not enough to be kind, we should strive to be kinder than needed. Let's face it, we are children born into a world of hatred craving for love.Growing up in such an environment will of course subject some people into tough situations. When you encounter somebody they may be going through one of their hardest battles and you being a jerk will not help at all.
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Future Goals

I consider myself to be an ambitious person, but at the moment I want to focus on graduating High school. I hope to graduate with honors and hopefully remain in the top 20. I also hope to get into University of Texas at Austin because I want to study law there and it's close to home too. I haven't really thought about marriage and kids yet since I'd rather focus on my career instead.

My Favorite

This is what I look like by the way

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