Klein Cain HS Newsletter

Home of the Hurricanes

A Message From the Principal

Hello Hurricane Nation!

I hope that this newsletter find all of you doing well and beginning to enjoy the start of the Holiday season. We have had so much happen since we opened our doors in August! I am having a hard time believing that we are in NOVEMBER!!!! We are starting to figure out what our "normal" is around here and I have to say that our "normal" is pretty fantastic! No one could have ever predicted just how our inaugural year would have started, but we have truly weathered the storm and have come out on the other side more determined and stronger than ever. And, we have some new members of our Klein Cain family as a result of Hurricane Harvey as well!

The Lemm Lions joined us after we returned to school from Harvey. They truly have brought such joy to our campus and we are thankful we were in a position to assist them when they needed it the most. Their presence here at Cain has given our students an amazing opportunity to step in and be teachers. mentors and role models. It is crazy how things work out sometimes! Although Hurricane Harvey left so many with heartache and tragedy in our city, the landfall of the Klein Cain Hurricanes brought hope, leadership, compassion, support and positivity. We are truly a real-life representation of the good a Hurricane can bring to the community!

I am often asked what has been the best, or most surprising part, of my experience thus far in opening this amazing school. There are so many wonderful things that come to mind! Experiencing all of the "firsts" in school history has been something I will truly cherish forever; to see all of the hard work and dedication on the part of the faculty, staff and students come to fruition has been oh so memorable. Seeing all of our students step into leadership and mentoring roles, not only for each other but for Lemm as well, has been something I have enjoyed watching on a daily basis. Our kids may only be 9th and 10th graders, but they are some of the strongest, kindest, mature and responsible students I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

When it comes to the most surprising aspect, I can say, without hesitation, that is has been watching the students support EACH OTHER in their endeavors. It is heart-warming to see the sheer number of students at the games, the shows, the concerts, the spirit nights, the dances, the meetings. They are there to support their classmates, their friends and their community. There is an undeniable feeling of support and collaboration amongst our student-body that is palpable when you are in their presence. They are proud to he Hurricanes and proud to cheer on their fellow classmates. As a principal, I could not ask for more from my students! They are the reason for my #ProudPrincipal moments and I cannot wait to see what the future hold for this campus and for the students as individuals as well.

I want to end this message by filling you in on some important news. Many of you have contacted me about some news you have heard and I wanted to tackle any rumors head on and be as transparent as possible. I will be going out on medical leave this week and will be returning in January after we get back from Winter Break. My last day at Cain will be tomorrow, November 7th. I will be undergoing a long-overdue surgical procedure, but everything is fine!

While I am out, I have the utmost faith in my Admin team, and my extended leadership team. I know that they will continue to work diligently and tirelessly to ensure every student at Cain has every opportunity to be successful. Mr. Clay Lowry, a retired Klein ISD Administrator, will be filling in for me while I am out. He has supported our campus since we opened and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I have no doubt that Mr. Lowry, along with my entire team here at Cain, will keep things running here "business as usual" and that I will return in January with no issues at all.

I want to take this moment to wish all of you, and your families, a blessed Holiday Season. May the holidays bring you all a time of rest, relaxation and time with family and dear friends to create memories that will last a lifetime. In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me the opportunity to work with you and your families. The staff and students at Cain are the reason I love getting up and coming to work each and every day. Thank you for the chance to get to work alongside some of the best in the field and for allowing me the chance to be the principal of a school full of absolutely amazing students! I have said it before, and I will continue to do so; there is no other place I would rather be right now that here at Klein Cain with all of you!

Happy Holidays,

Nicole Patin

Celebrating Klein Cain "Firsts"

Klein Cain Traffic Plan Reminder

As we make our way through the year, we wanted to remind you on our traffic plan. We worked collaboratively with Klein ISD district officials, as well as the Klein ISD Police Department, to establish a plan that will keep our students, parents and community members safe.

We have split drop off/pickup locations on campus. You may drop off/pick up in front of the school (entering off Spring Cypress) or in the back of the school (entering off Cutten).

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way through opening our campus!


Klein Cain Administration