Biome project

The Florida Everglades

Biome charactertstics

Climate-December thought April rare cold fronts occurr summers are extremely humid reaching over 90% humidity

Average temperature

In winter its high 77f; low 54f. Summer average temperatures around 90degrees

Average precipitation

60 inches of rainfall or 152cm.

Are there seasons??

A season called mesquito season in Florida due to all of the rainfall


Southwestern ,Florida
Everglades National Park 3-minute Tour

Plants located or seen at Everglades Natinal Park

Pinetrees,hardwoods,mangrove trees,sawgrass,ore hides,bladderwort,cypress.They are big trees which sure enought get plenty of sun light

Animals located or seen at Everglades Natinal Park

Reptiles-American alligator,and crocodiles,snakes.

Mammals-Floirda Panther,bottle nose dolphin.