Are You Smarter than A Vibator???

Calling all Diva's

We've earned some Girl time, so in honor of our fabulousness, I'm hosting a Are you Smarter than a Vibrator Pure Romance Party! It’s a new twist for Summertime Fun! We'll be in and out in 2 hours so there is NO REASON not to attend! This is NOT your typical party. We'll be doing a game show - I'll provide the questions. The answers will of course be Pure Romance products or maybe a little more Spicy!

If you arrive late, you'll miss out on the fun AND the opportunity to win prizes and discounts. We'll break everyone into team and you'll be competing against each other! Log onto

or a sneak preview of our answers and to start your wish list now.

Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early to socialize and snack. Bring friends! There may just be a surprise for the lady who brings the most.

This is not just a get together, it’s a FanTabulous Shopping Event – Plan on SHOPPING! You Pay Today so You can Play Today! Our Hostess’s Shopping Spree and Royalty Rewards are based on sales from the party. Let’s plan on taking home some goodies. All ordering is totally confidential and we have something for everyone! You can pay by Cash and Credit/Debit Cards.

We are going to have a BUZZtacular time!