Isaac Newton

The Great Scientist


Issac Newton was born on December 25,1642 in the small village of Woolsthrope, near England. He was raised with a mother only, having his dad die before he was even born. His mother married three years later to another man, and soon he had three siblings.

Issac Newton went to Free Grammar School when he was 12 years old. Although at age 17 his mother took him out to become a farmer at the farm. In June 1661, Newton went to Trinity College at Cambridge University, graduating in 1665.

After college, Isaac Newton returned home for two years to the family estate. As it goes Issac Newton watched an apple fall. Well in 1666, it become the only reason he was inspired to find out more about the force of gravity. However, he decided to go back to Cambridge in 1677 to become a professor in Mathematics.


1. In 1687 he published a book called Principia, meaning Principles. The book included laws of gravity and motion.

2. Discovered that white light is actually made up of colors.

3. Creating a reflecting telescope that allowed us to see more of space.

4. Developed a mathematical solution to important problems for calculus.

5. He was a Member of Royal Society and was served as its president.

6. Knighted by Queen Anne in 1705

Impact on our world

  1. Issac Newton changed the way we see our universe
  2. Isaac Newton changed the way we see light
  3. Issac Newton changed the way we learn motion and gravity

Fun Facts

  • Issac Newton wasn't expected to live, being born so small.
  • Issac Newton suffered from two nervous breakdowns.
  • Issac Newton was born on Christmas.
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