Assessments for Learning

Summative and Formative

Key Stratagies

"Clarify understanding and sharing learning attention."(Rhyshad,M.2013,April 7)

Summative assessment

State assessments or district and standardized test

The Process of evaluating learning

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment

Formative assessments allow for feedback,quizzes and options to adjust learning and teaching strategies.
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Formative assessments

Educators give students the opportunity show examples of their work. Evaluative questions are used and quizzes to evaluate the progress of students.
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Key strategies from video

Using examples to support argument, Educator should use evaluations and exit tickets to keep up with monitor learning and student progress.Educators are able to see if a student is understanding information given by asking evaluative question.

The big five is important to improve learning and they are meta-cognitive, management, communication,analytical,conceptual information that helps educators to balance the curriculum. and students meet expectations.

My ideas about formative and summative

Summative is accountability and standards that must be met. Formative is away for student and educator to practice, adjust, reflect and review.

Ways Summative and Formative could create effective classroom.

Summative and formative assessment work well together to give the bigger picture of how well students are doing. What area of struggles,strengths and if adjustments need to be made. When summative and formative are working together correctly the goals are set,adjusted and then met according to standards. Summative assessment give teachers a broader view of how well a student is doing with test that measure how well they are learning in the classroom. Formative allows educators to collect information,reflect review,feedback,and observation to improve instruction. Summative and Formative have to work together to set goals and then create expectations to be met.


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Assessment for learning