The Unburdening of Dot

An IFS Escape Room - 3 ceu workshop

Friday, March 23rd, 9:45am-1pm

217 Union Avenue

Altoona, PA

Approved for 3.0 CE hours by CSL, ASWB & NBCC

Approved by the Center for Self-Leadership for 3.0 CE hours toward IFS certification and recertification, and 3.0 CE hours by ASWB & NBCC.

Registration fee is $100 for 3 hour Unburdening of Dot Workshop,

Register here or Email Bruce.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund of amount paid less 10% processing fee until 14 days prior to workshop date. As of that date, no refunds issued.

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A Three Hour IFS Workshop with Bruce Hersey, LCSW

Exiles are, by definition, locked away and await retrieval and unburdening. It is no different with Dot. She is a fictional client referred to you for an IFS intensive session so that you can find her exile, retrieve & unburden her in a ‘therapeutic hour’ (just like Dick in a Level Three demo). Her clever protectors have devised a number of puzzles to solve in order to unlock each level of the system and unblend parts on your way. Yes, literally. Locks.

Designed like increasingly popular escape room experiences, this one provides an experiential feel for the flow of the model and the types of parts and issues one might address in a real case using IFS. Many of the concepts of the model are illustrated throughout. You will be a member of a 3-to-6-person team, developing team cohesion as you compete against time and possibly other teams to reach home and unburden Dot.

This is a fun way to reinforce teaching concepts of the model experientially, especially case conceptualization with IFS, and the flow of the model. It also is a great tool for team-building, as it encourages working together and problem-solving under time constraints (as all escape room games do). Many participants will have parts activated in the process of team selection, and during the escape room experience. Debriefing, with identification of these parts, and speaking for them, can facilitate increased self-awareness and self-leadership.

Workshop Leader and Consultant

Bruce is an experienced workshop and retreat leader who will facilitate the co-creation of a gentle and safe learning environment wherever this workshop is offered. He has led and co-led many local IFS workshops, as well as several IFS conference presentations. Bruce has also published short animated educational introduction videos on IFS (Finding Your Parts) and EMDR (EMDR at a Glance) on YouTube.

An LCSW in private practice at Altoona, PA for the past 30 years, Bruce provides advanced consultation in IFS, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and Sex Therapy in person, by phone and Skype.

Guaranteed to be informative and fun.


…the story of Dot, as told by her complex internal system of parts. Referred to your Team for an Intensive IFS Therapy Session, she heads to your office. As in the increasingly popular escape room games, there are puzzles and riddles to solve in order to sequentially advance through locked stages in this healing journey.


…from part after part. You and Dot face unrelenting rigid managers who will not allow access to a deeper level of vulnerability, where an exile is hidden behind ferocious firefighters determined to distract, deter, and confuse you in order to prevent exposing a desperate and hurting inner child from possible abandonment, but at the same time preventing her discovery and long-hoped-for…


…by your compassionate, wise, intuitive and resourceful Self-Leadership Team (a scrappy and optimistic band of IFS therapists & coaches) …who through persistence, perspective, creativity and (you know, …other C’s and P’s) find the inner child and lead her to…


…and ultimate freedom from all that has held her back, and kept her down.

You have only one (therapeutic) hour to unlock all the mysteries of this protective system and save the exile. Good luck, and may Self be with you!

An Overview of the Game

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Who you need to save:

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Pink Heart Vault Where Dot is Exiled

Big image

Who are the major protectors?

Passcode Home

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Who will help you with hints and clues:

Other parts in the system:

Host the Unburdening of Dot at your location:

Additional dates will be scheduled at Heartspace Wellness Alliance in Altoona, where Bruce practices.

However, this workshop can be offered at your location and can accommodate up to six small groups of 3-6 participants who have at least some IFS experience through training, therapy, or reading.

Please email Bruce or call 814-944-3852 for details regarding scheduling and financial arrangements.

Accommodations & Travel Information for Heartspace

You must arrange accommodations separately, as they are not included in the workshop/retreat fee. Complementary coffee, tea, water and a variety of nourishing snacks will be made available on-site.

Follow this link to detailed travel info for hotel and other transportation information.

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