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This Contest is Open to All Women Internationally!!!!

I am looking for women from ALL walks of life, Divorced, Single Mothers, Ex Military, Cancer Survivor, Recent College Graduates, Recently Downsized, Women who are Underemployed...

I want to know:

  • What are your struggles in finding your Passion?
  • What are your struggles in creating your Purpose?
  • What are your struggles in getting PAID for your Passion/Purpose?
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The Blog with the MOST Comments/Votes Wins!!

  1. First go to & Register as a user.
  2. Come back and click this link ONLY after you have registered on my site.
  3. Download the Daily Prompts from the link above. The challenge officially starts August 1, 2014.
  4. On August 1, Sign into my website, using your username & password you created when you registered and answer the daily prompts. Be sure to push publish.
  5. Add the Prefix: #SocialChallenge Day [?] [Your KICK BUTT TITLE]
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  7. Insist Feedback! (Preferably on your blog as a comment)
  8. Share Your Posts Daily starting August 1, 2014 to Create buzz about the #Challenge