Room 6 Bimonthly Newsletter

March 31, 2014


Hello, Room 6 Families!

Things are fantastic in Room 6--we hope all is well with you! We have been learning much about poetry and this week is the same! We will be focused more on different types of poems. We will talk about acrostic, couplet, tankas, haikus, and concrete poems. We are excited to show examples to your student and write our own pieces! We are hoping to put them all together and keep them as a classroom book.

On Friday we will celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. We will go to the cafeteria and recite all of our poems to each other, snapping after each student shares their poem. We are excited to have your students learn how to speak in front of their peers as well as share their beautiful poems! It will be a memorable day!

This week we are reading from some of my favorite authors--Leo Lionni and Oliver Jeffers. Their work is very different, but both very fun! I'm sure your student will have a lot to share about these super special stories. We are also reading Seeds Grow, Ugly Vegetables, and Growing Things. Next week, we are hoping to do an experiment with seeds!

On Tuesday, Mrs. McElhannon (our school counselor) will be coming to our classroom. She will be giving us different strategies on how to express our feelings in socially acceptable ways. It will be a meaningful lesson and something that we hope Room 6 students will be influenced by.

We loved seeing all of you at the P.A.C.T. on March 21st. We appreciate you taking the time to come and hear about what is happening in Room 6. If you weren't able to make it, we hope you will be able to come to our next P.A.C.T.

What's Next?

Mrs. Doneda will be coming back to Room 6 on April 14th. Ms. Haley is already getting so sad about leaving your sweet students. There has been a lot of change happening in Room 6 this year and we appreciate all of your patience. There have been a lot of big life events and your students have been so sweet about all of the change. Thank you for hanging in there with us. Ms. Melissa has been a steady and strong force in Room 6 that we are so thankful for. She has been consistent and so loving with your students and is irreplaceable to Room 6. Ms. Haley will be in Room 6 for three more weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions about the transition, etc.

***We will have a field trip on April 16th at 10 a.m. to Washington Farms Strawberry Field. We will be learning about the life cycle of the strawberry and the role that bees play in pollination. Each student will get to pick strawberries to bring home!***

Also, if you are viewing this newsletter online, please feel free to leave comments or questions!