Achieve 3000

Article of the Day

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Building Background

Today, you will read the article the article of the day. Remember, the article of the day is the article that you see when you first log into Achieve 3000.
Before you begin reading, think about the poll question. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Guided Practice

Please remember to complete the poll, read the article, and answer the 8 activity questions. Don't forget to click "Refer Back to the Article" as you answer the questions. Your second try score should show an improvement!

In order to earn full credit, you must take your time and do your best!
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After completing the poll, reading the article, and answering the activity questions, please share the following in the response box:

Title of the article:
First and second try activity scores:
One thing that you learned from the article that you read:

Sample response:
I read the article "Hey, That's My Picture."
I earned a 75% on my first try and a 100% on my second try.
I learned how the monkey got hold of the camera and managed to take selfies in Indonesia.