Monthly Wildcat- March

All of the news from Woodcrest Elementary!

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Principal's Message

Welcome to our March edition of the Monthly Wildcat! I am excited to share all the latest news and updates from Woodcrest.

Parent/Teacher conferences are the week of March 8 through March 12th. Students that are above or at grade level do not need to schedule a conference. If you have not scheduled a time to meet, please either reach out to your teacher or call the office. All conferences will be via Zoom.

Report cards will come home on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Virtual students can pick them up in the office March 9-10th. Whatever is not picked up will be mailed to the address on file.

During conference week we are on minimum day schedule, with dismissal times are follows:

Kinder: 11:29 am

Grades 1-3: 12:19 pm

Grades 4-6: 12:29 pm

Students will receive a lunch on the way to the gate.

ELPAC testing is the week of March 15. In person students will take the ELPAC on Monday, March 15th, so please make sure your child is in school if they are designated an English Language Learner. For virtual students, we are offering testing in the afternoons that same week. The test will be administered by a Woodcrest teacher, in a safe setting, following all safety protocols. Masks and social distancing will be required. Please call the office if you have any questions.

March 1-5, we are Celebrating being a Nation of Diverse Learners, with spirit days all week. See flyer below.

March is Women's History Month. This month our teachers will be highlighting the contributions of women authors, poets, activists, athletes, leaders, scientists and educators all month long. Although this month is designated as such, please know that our teachers routinely share contributions in these areas all year long through our social justice lessons we do weekly in all classrooms.

Spring Break is the week of March 22-March 26th. We hope you enjoy your time with family.

Please make sure your child is coming to school, on time, every day. If they are an in person student, our gates open at 7:50, with breakfast available. All in person 5 day or hybrid students should be in the gate by 8:10, with classes at starting at 8:15. All virtual students should be logged in by 8:15. Attendance matters!

If you don't already, please check out our social media. We are very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Here are some upcoming dates to remember:

March 1: First day of Trimester 3

March 8-12: Conference week- minimum days all week

March 9: Report Cards sent home

March 15: ELPAC Testing - In person students

March 15-March 18: ELPAC Testing for virtual students

March 15: Virtual Trimester 2 Awards

March 17: Full School Day (Regular dismissal times)

March 19: Minimum Day

March 22-26: Spring Break/No classes

Lastly, I would like to announce the Woodcrest Teacher of the Year and the Woodcrest Classified Employee of the year:

Woodcrest Teacher of the Year:

Mrs. Kimberly Bergen

Woodcrest Classified Employee of the year

Ms. Francine Tavarez

Congratulations to them both for their excellent contributions to Woodcrest!

Thank you for choosing Woodcrest for your child's education.

Go Wildcats!

Mrs. Rochelle Wolf


Classroom Happenings

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From Mrs. Shearer: Preschool

In March we will be doing some planting and learning about the parts of a plant. We plan to plant a beautiful and delicious garden outside of our classroom. We will be learning about transportation and creating some trains, airplanes and boats using loose parts.

From Ms. Scofield: SPED Preschool

In March we will be learning about the colors of the rainbow. We review our alphabet and numbers daily. Our shape of the month is an oval, so we will be looking for ovals in our natural environment. In Social Justice, we will be reading books about being kind.

From Ms. Hong: Kindergarten

This month we will continue to learn two new letters and sight words each week. In math, we will also learn to identify and describe two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional shapes. In social justice, we will explore the difference between being fair and unfair and how being fair helps everyone get along. We will also read about important women in history to celebrate National Women’s History Month. During the first week of March, Woodcrest will be Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers through books and activities.

From Mrs. Michaels: Kinder/1st

In Kindergarten, we will continue to learn two new letters and sight words each week. We are close to learning every letter of the alphabet! We will also focus on blending, segmenting, and decoding words. We will start our new Writer’s Workshop unit on opinion writing. In Math, we will represent and count 20 and beyond. Also, we will identify and describe two-dimensional shapes. In Social Justice, we will explore the difference between being fair and unfair and how being fair helps everyone get along. In Science, we are continuing our study of how people, animals, and plants change the environment. In the beginning of March, we will celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers through books and activities.

In First Grade, we will continue studying vowel teams and start learning about r-controlled vowels. We will also look at adjectives that compare and prepositions. We will start our new Writer’s Workshop unit on opinion writing. In Math, we will focus on two-digit addition and subtraction as well as addition and subtraction fluency within 20. In Social Justice, we will focus on the area of action with read-alouds, discussions, and Seesaw activities. In Science, we are continuing our study of sound. In the beginning of March, we will celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers through books and activities.

From Mrs. Spencer: 1st Grade

We are currently focusing on reading words with vowel teams, as well as irregularly spelled words. We are reading fiction stories for Readers Workshop, focusing on the main characters. Our first graders started their Opinion Writing Unit of Study, focusing Persuasive Writing. In Math, we are comparing numbers using the greater than, less than, and equal to symbols. In the area of Social Justice, our class is focusing on prominent Black Figures in history, as well as various disabilities. Woodcrest is so excited to Celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers through books and activities the first week of March. Some of the activities include: making a sign about a cause you care about, drawing a picture of an invention you love, and writing about your dream.

From Mrs. Tran: SPED Kinder/1st

This month, we are going to be learning about the weather in ELA and Science, and Addition up to 10 in Math. We will also have cool lessons revolving around one of Mrs. Tran's favorite things-RAINBOWS! In social justice, we will be celebrating our friends on 3/21/2021 for World Down Syndrome Day by wearing our favorite mismatched socks, as well as continuing other awesome lessons regarding race, gender, and abilities with Mrs. Spencer's class. Woodcrest is so excited to Celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers throughout this month.

We will also continue working on our weekly life skills to improve our independence and review our Covid Social stories to help us stay safe during this pandemic. During mainstreaming, we will lead our fun movement classes with our 2nd-3rd grade friends and our family from the Wing.

From Mrs. Lohr: 2nd Grade

Our class is continuing our addition and subtraction strategies but with 3-digit numbers, as well as beginning Money and Time lessons for Math. In ELA, our focus is Music and how we express ourselves, communicate through music. In Social Justice, we are focusing on the most influential Black Americans in history. We continue to focus on informational books with read alouds as we work on our informational writing drafts.

From Ms. Pionke: 2nd/3rd Grade

This month we have continued to focus on our reading comprehension skills and finding the main ideas in our reading. Our third graders are finishing up division and are very proud to continue to master their multiplication and division facts. They will be starting fractions very soon. Our second graders are working on two and three digit subtraction which can be challenging. In social justice, we have continued to learn about black Americans who have brought about change with their bravery, courage, and knowledge. We have focused on Ruby Bridges, George Washington Carver, and Jackie Robinson to name a few.

From Mrs. Kollmansberger: 3rd Grade

In Math we are working on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. For Readers Workshop we are following a character up and down the story mountain. In Writer’s Workshop we are working on writing informational passages using topic sentences, transitions and a conclusion sentence. In Social Justice everyday this month we are going to be going through the Alphabet from A-Z and spotlighting a new black American that has contributed to help society and the impact that it has had on society.

From Mrs. Guzman: 2nd/3rd/4th Grade SPED

For ELA and Science, we are learning about Weather via Unique Learning Systems. For Math, we are continuing to learn how to identify and trace numbers and how to count to 20. For Fine Motor, we are learning how to trace uppercase letters. For Social Justice, we will continue to learn about the achievements of African Americans in our history.

From Mrs. Wren: 4th Grade

The Wren’s Nest is continuing to work on our informational writing pieces, and we have been focusing on nonfiction texts in Reading Workshop. In math, we are working on equivalent fractions, and comparing and ordering fractions. In social justice, we have been focusing on the Black family through the lens of California history. In social studies we are learning about the California missions and how the native Californians resisted mission life. We will continue to use literature to help us learn about important figures in our history, focusing on equity.

From Mrs. Rangel: 4th/5th Grade

Our class has been working on identifying different types of text structures and the main idea when reading. Not only can students identify text structure, but also provide proof to explain their thinking. They can also identify the main idea of a text by finding evidence in their reading. In math, fourth graders are comparing and ordering fractions while fifth graders are adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. All students love discussing their math thinking during math talks and warm ups. For social justice, we have been discussing many aspects of Black history in the United States, especially how it is related to California history. Students have enjoyed learning about people they have never heard of before and making connections between their stories. We are looking forward to celebrating activists, scientists, athletes, and musicians during the week of March 1.

From Mrs. Merrihue: 5th Grade

Our class is currently working on adding and subtracting fractions with recipes in math. We are enjoying using our narrative writing skills and applying it towards going to a new place with our friends. In science, we are learning about plant life and what it takes to survive. And, since we are learning how to boost a rocket also, we are hoping to apply our acquired life skills in space. Finally, we are finishing up text organization in ELA.

From Ms. Somoza: 5th/6th SPED

For Math and ELA we will be working out of Unique Learning System. Math lessons cover counting, skip counting, addition and subtraction. ELA lessons cover reading comprehension, vocabulary words. We go over Science and Social Studies using News 2 You. Each week there is a different current event. We will begin our coffee cart in March which will help students work on life skills and functional math of counting money as well.

From Mrs. Bergen: 5th/6th Grade

In writing our class will be writing our informational research pieces. Students will research teen activists that have fought for changes in education, the environment, child labor, abandoned pets and bullying. In math 5th grade is working on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers, and 6th grade is solving one-step variable equations.

From Mr. Zeh: 6th Grade

In writing our class will be writing our informational research pieces. Students will research teen activists that have fought for changes in education, the environment, child labor, abandoned pets and bullying. For Math, 6th grade is solving one-step variable equations.

From Mrs. Joo: Response to Intervention

Primary grades are focused on mastering phonics skills, as well as sight words. Upper grades are working on phonics skills and applying them to nonfiction text. We are also working on increasing our fluency rate.

From Coach Martinez: PE

During our in person physical education classes for March, we will be focusing on developing and improving our soccer skills. We will introduce dribbling and shooting skills and participate in activities that allow practice of these skills in a game environment. We will also be playing a student favorite, called rainbow soccer, where students work together to score a goal on 6 different colored goals set up around the grass field.

From Mrs. Adams: Speech

In Speech, we are working on our individual language, social, and speech goals using books, boomcards, and videos. This month we will be using thematic materials focusing on Spring, various celebrations, women leaders and will be reading a variety of books. As you read with your child at home, ask them comprehension and inference questions, practice sequencing and retelling the story, and discuss vocabulary words.

Ms. Neri- Speech Teacher

In Speech, we are continuing to work on our individual articulation and language goals (story comprehension, vocabulary, requesting and commenting, main idea and inference, story retell). We are consistently working on our use of AAC and developing core vocabulary. We are using more AAC devices to help students with limited verbal skills (buttons, iPads with communication apps, boards, sign language/SEE signs, core boards, PECS). We are learning more social skills (joint attention, greeting, turn-taking to help with our daily interactions. We continue to focus on different life skills and giving students means to communicate using any means that best suit the students’ needs and capabilities. Continue to model language at home. Provide language input by talking to your children, reading books together, playing together, and by having routines at home.

Mrs. Hernandez: RSP Teacher

In RSP, we are working on our individual reading and math goals using Sonday System, Read Naturally, Mountain Math, and Go Math. Mrs. Hernandez will be sending home decodable readers for extra reading practice at home. Make sure your child is reading aloud, if they are having difficulty reading the word, ask them to “trace the sounds”.

From Mrs. Diaz: School Counselor

In counseling students are learning to define mindfulness and practice by using a grounding technique. Mindfulness is the ability to take a moment to just breathe & be aware of what’s happening RIGHT NOW, including your feelings and your surroundings. Grounding uses your five (5) senses to help you feel more calm. It’s a skill you can do anytime and anywhere.

Reminders from the Office Staff

From Ms. Diana- Office Manager

Last day for open enrollment was February 12, 2021. If you still need to fill out a transfer, please contact your school of residence or your district of residence to process it as soon as possible.

Enrollment for new students is now open! Please come to the office to pick up the registration packet and we will guide you through it.

Reminder: New kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2021. If you have any questions please call our office at 714-447-7760.

If your student does not qualify for kindergarten because of their age, please contact the school district to ask for Preschool or TK information. Fullerton School District phone number 714-447-7400.

From Ms. Patty- Health Assistant

Wash your hands frequently and wear your masks.

If students or anyone in the household is sick please keep them home until you know that they are not contagious, whether it's by seeing a Dr or quarantining.

Please remember to take precautions and be safe!

From Ms. Leticia

Hello! My name is Leticia Alatorre and I am Woodcrest's new Social Services Assistant. If you are in need of any resources, please call me in the office or email me.

Letter from FSD regarding sending your child to school.

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