Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks

Schultz's early life

Schultz in high school was talented when it came to sports, and got a scholarship to play football at Northern Michigan University. After graduating from the University he worked for a European coffee company. Had he not worked form the European coffee company he never would have known about starbucks.

What People say about Schultz

People say that Schultz helped them in more ways than one. Some say he helped with learning to communicate better. Others say that he showed a lot of passion while doing his job. In the company most would say that he is a great leader too.


Leadership Qualities


commitment is one quality Schultz has had his whole life because it took commitment to get good enough at football to get a scholarship.

Schultz's commitment and leadership in his company began to rub off on his fellow employee's according to many interviews.

In my opion the most important quality he has is passion because if he cares about what he is doing and he is the leader other will care too.

Some leaders may lack certain leadership qualities that others do not, but both can still be and effective and well liked leader.

Traits that I share with Schultz is commitment because I do not like to not succeed when doing something that I like.

Qualities that I need to develope to become an effective leader would be patience and make sure that I always have passion in what I am doing.