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Dave For President

You loved them before they ran for President. Now you'll love them even more. Vote Dave for President
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I may not be able to talk, and only talk in sounds, but I would make a great President

Party Platform

  1. Abortion - thinks the Government should stay out of it
  2. Death Penalty - believes it's up to the state to do what they think is right
  3. Self Defense - Believes we should keep our guns
  4. Personal Relationships - Believes that parents should be able to raise the children be their own belief and standards, as long as it doesn't lead to child abuse
  5. LGBT - believes that LGBT rights are human rights and should be treated with dignity, security, and respect regardless of who they are and who they love.
  6. Young People - will promote the rights of young people and nurture young leaders
  7. Torture - thinks that we should use what we need to do to get the information that we want
  8. Immigration - believes that they are illegal
  9. Language - English is required
  10. Family Values - Family Values are encouraged