Making Feedback Work

Next Step Activities and Student Responses

What are you expected to do?

When we mark student books we assess presentation, quality of written communication and how well they have met the success criteria. We can feedback in a way that is engaging and motivating as well as ensuring students make progress.

We all know we must use Fast Forward stickers regularly and mark next step actvities but did you know?..

1. Next step activities need to be completed on the sticker or next to the sticker to ensure the progress is visible

2. Instead of asking students to fill out "I will achieve my target by" ask them to update what they have learnt from the assessment and feedback. This will save them from repeating what you have set them as targets.

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What can you do?

Never miss an opportunity to SEAL your feedback. When we help students to become self aware, manage their feelings, show empathy and to develop social skills we are really adding value to what and how they learn. Be nice!