Who i Kissed

Second Six Weeks

Kate S. Period 2

Who I Kissed

Janet Gurtler

320 pages


Lexile 590


Samantha was new to town. She was getting over some vicious rumors from her old home. Her mom passed away when she was young. Samantha was average when it came to confidence. Then when tradgedy struck, she was depressed. Though once problems were resolved, she was stronger than ever before.

Alex was a minor character. Though his major role was he was lost in the tradgedy. Samantha was blamed for his death. He was only 17.

Yes, all problems were resolved. Samantha was not the cause of Alexs death. It was an asthma attack and not an allergic reaction.

Simple Summary

Sammantha swims alot. Her mom has pass and she lives with her dad. She recently moved due to her dads job. She was able to escape vicious rumors from her old town. Well kind of, they partly traveled from her old home to new. She didn't care. She was attracted to Zee he was on swim team. He invited her to a party. At the party she got jeleaus of zee talking to Kaitylin. So she kissed his friend Alex and he died. People looked at her differntly. She was bullied. Then figuring out the death was not her fault the rumors were pulled off of her. Zee and her got together.