Communication Tools You Can Use

With Students, Parents, Staff and the World!

Classroom Communication

Classroom communication is important in any classroom. We must communicate with out students, parents and colleagues about what is going on in our classrooms. Below you find a bunch of ideas to open the line of communication in your classroom. Pick and choose what works best for you and I promise you it will be a time saver in the long run.

Communication with Parents

Create a class Newsletter Using Smore or Tackk

Using the free web tool or Tackk create class newsletter that you can send out to students and parents about what is going on in your classroom. You can also share it through social media and e-mail with easy to use analytics! See some examples below and what you are reading is a Smore!

Examples: Tech Update, Room 109 Class Update, 60in60 Main Page, PD

Websites - having a website to provide static information to parents can be helpful to let them know whats going on in the classroom. Websites the parent has to go the site for information.


Discipline - Tracking classroom behavior allows parents to know whats going on in the classroom with out needing to contact the teacher everyday.

Blogs - Blogs are a good place to share student work with parents and care givers.


Social Media for Communication

Get the message out using Twitter, Instagram????

Creating a Twitter account allows you to send messages out to the world about your classroom. Will parents and students get the message?

Send Out Class Reminder using Remind

Remind - will allow you to create a class group and send out reminder to students and parents via text or e-mail. The best part is that they have to subscribe to the list, so it protects you!

Use an LMS for better Communication

An LMS (Learning Management System) is a resource you can use to send announcements, assign homework, foster discussion among students, collect classwork, and much much more. An LMS puts everything for your class in one area for the students and parents. Below are a few LMS to check out, and it is possible you might already have one through your district!

Edmodo -

Gooogle Classroom - (Must be Google Apps School) -

Google Apps

Google Apps lets you share documents, presentations, images and more easily through a unique web address. Any changes will show up automatically with out having to resend another link!

Google Voice - phone number that protects your real number and message are transcribed.

Docs - Share documents with parents and staff

Slides - Share class presentation or other work with parents or students

Forms - Collect information from students and parents

Schedule with Parents and Students

Signup Genius - Allows you to create sign up sheets for students meeting, parent conferences and more. The best part is that it will remind people that they signed up a few days before.

Volunteer Spot - Allows you to create volunteer sign-up for student volunteer and parent volunteer and also conference.

Doodle - Lets you create a poll with different times for meetings, then you share the link and people select which days they can attend the meeting.

Hands On Activities!

Start creating a plan for better communication with your students and parents. Check out the ideas below.

  • Start creating a class Newsletter using smore or Tackk
  • Start creating a class website, wikispace or blog.
  • Start creating a classroom blog.
  • Explore how to use one of the scheduling tools shared.
  • Check out QR codes or screencasts.
QR Codes in the Classroom

How to create QR Codes!

Screencasts for better communication

Screencast allow students and parents to see you as you record a message of your screen or a video of you!