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Friday, May 29th, 2020

Celebrating Our Wildcats

Report Cards

Report cards will be available to view in SKYWARD beginning today, May 29th.

With the many adjustments to grading practices and grade reporting mandated at the state level, there have been many sets of eyes and several reviews of grades for all of our students.

As shared in several communications, the Term 3 grade will also serve as the SEMESTER grade, UNLESS the Term 4 grade IMPROVES the semester grade. No student will be penalized by the T4 grade. A grade of "NG" for T4 will not impact the student GPA or impact the semester letter grade.

Please review the semester report card with your student.

Honor Roll

Congratulations to the students earning HONOR ROLL RECOGNITION for the Spring 2020 semester.

Though honor roll is always challenging, this semester tested the perseverance and resourcefulness of our students in new ways.

Great job, Wildcats...and great job to our PARENTS who stepped in as teachers, custodians, lunch staff and hall monitors for the past 9 weeks!

Honors Night

Congratulations to the many 10-12th grade students recognized for outstanding scholarship and achievement during this school year and over the course of a 4-year LN experience (way to go, seniors!). The 2020 Honors Night program was delivered virtually this year and is linked here for those who were unable to "attend" or would like to take another look at this special event.

Wildcats of the Month

We have some SERIOUS student celebrations to trumpet today! We have THREE MONTHS of recognition for students who Achieve Excellence, Exhibit Character and Serve Others.

Students...you are INCREDIBLE and we thank you for all you do to make Lawrence North the inspiring place it is.

Wildcats of the Month -- Page 1

Wildcats of the Month -- Page 2

Wildcats of the Month -- Page 3

National Awards for Lynx

Congratulations to the Lynx Yearbook staff!

The 2019 yearbook was entered into the Women's Press Club of Indiana competition in January where it earned FIRST PLACE! The Lynx was sent on to the National Federation of Press Women as the Indiana representative. In this national competition, LN received two awards: Congrats to Rachael Hinshaw and Ann Ramsey for 2nd best-in-the-nation "Yearbook Layout" and congrats to Cole Sherman for his Honorable Mention in "Yearbook Copywriting."

Wildcats Earn Multilingual Certifications

Congratulations to these SEVENTY-SIX WILDCATS for achieving the Indiana Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency!

This certification demonstrates for colleges and employers a student's high proficiency in a language, indicating the ability of the student to communicate effectively with native speakers of that language.

Great work, Wildcat students AND teachers!

Graduations are Set!

Parents and Seniors...thank you for your patience as we waited for guidance from the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis

Lawrence North High School will offer TWO graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020

~Virtual Graduation June 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm This will be a televised event with no graduates in attendance. The program will be available on June 2nd through the LN website by simply clicking on the 2020 Graduation Information link.

~Live Graduation Ceremony - July 28, 2020 - LN Football Field This will be an in-person graduation with seniors in their caps and gowns

Additional details will be forthcoming for both events. As we all know, changes to national, state and local health and safety procedures may result in changes to our planned ceremony on July 28th. As of now, LN GRADUATION IS ON!

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And Go Cats Food Pantry

If YOUR FAMILY NEEDS FOOD SUPPORT, LN is able to and would like to help. Please EMAIL PASCALE SOCKS and she will add your family to our Friday delivery schedule. The food pantry is here for YOU.

If you would like to donate to the And Go Cats Food Pantry, you may VENMO any cash donation to:


You may also mail a check to:


c/o And Go Cats Food Pantry

7802 Hague Road

Indianapolis, IN, 46256

All donations will be used to resupply the food pantry with food and toiletry items for our families, including fresh produce and meats/protein.


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Updates and Reminders

Government officials released new information on May 1st regarding the phasing to reopen the State of Indiana. Please pay attention to phone calls from LN and postings on our social media sites for updates and information specific to Lawrence Township Schools.

LT School buildings will remain closed to students and staff through June 30th,
and eLearning will continue through the end of the school year (May 21st) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please visit the LT Schools website for official updates and information regarding the LT response to the quickly changing directives we are all experiencing.

There will be NO Grab & Go Breakfast and Lunch on Monday, May 25th.



Intent to Employ/A-1 - State Form 896 (The Indiana Dept. of Labor has suspended enforcement of the requirement for employers to have on-file work permits for minor employees until further notice.)

Work permits will not be processed at Lawrence North until further notice.


Resources for Families ~~ Ongoing Access

  1. Families in need of Food, Clothing, Health Care, Housing Assistance, Utility Assistance and more—DIAL 2-1-1 from your phone (24 hours a day) to be connected to the resource(s) you need. Information/resources also available online at https://in211.communityos.org/
  2. Mental Health Support--these unusual times are leaving many feeling isolated and unsure. Please REACH OUT if feeling overwhelmed or in NEED OF SUPPORT
  3. Lawrence Township Communication regarding COVID-19 impact, eLearning, and more: https://www.ltschools.org/announcements/coronavirus-preparedness-(1)

Resources for Mental, Social and Emotional Support

We know students, parents and many in our community are struggling with COVID-19 social distancing, the fear/reality of illness, the loss of routines and structure AND the loss of personal, face-to-face interactions. School Counselors have spoken with students, parents and staff who have experienced "hitting the wall"...thinking they were doing pretty good in all of this and then, BAM...it feels like the bottom falls out. Take a minute to read Managing Your Emotions for some insights and strategies to help you MANAGE the often changing emotional demands which are part of this COVID-19 experience. If you feel you need additional support, contact your assigned school counselor...we have resources and referrals to share.
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Student Scheduling for 2020-2021

2020-2021 SCHEDULES

THANK YOU for your efforts in reviewing your student's schedule for the

upcoming school year!

Counselors have received the requested schedule changes and will continue to work on those schedule requests, as well as balancing classes for optimal enrollment, making adjustments based on student performance and correcting any errors.

*Schedule change requests are now closed.

Even though a student may have submitted a request to the counselor,

###Some changes CANNOT be made###

Both diploma REQUIREMENTS and graduation pathway REQUIREMENTS determine a large part of the student schedule. Prerequisite courses, grade level requirements and class maximums also impact the ability to make a schedule change.

***STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK EMAIL ACCOUNTS REGULARLY as counselors are corresponding via email with questions and updates about scheduling.***

LTec Summer School

Registration for LTec Summer School classes is OPEN through 4:00 p.m. today. Courses must be approved by your assigned counselor and remember, you are limited to a maximum of TWO COURSES during the summer session. Open the link above for more information...or visit the Lawrence North website or www.ltschools.org to complete registration.

Summer School begins on Monday, June 1st, and will end on July 10th. Students approved for a summer school course must log into their CANVAS account on Monday and accept any waiting invitation(s) to join a class.

2020-2021 School Year

Most of us are wondering what "next year" will look like as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact our daily lives. Several Indiana colleges/universities have published their plans for student return to campus, altered calendars and readiness for live and eLearning delivery.

Lawrence Township is also working on the return to school for the 2020-2021 year and as directives are provided from state and local leaders, we will be prepared to adapt, as necessary, to provide the best K-12 education available in a way that is safe and inclusive. Stay tuned...we will share information as soon as we are able to do so.

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Join our "BAND" to stay connected to LN updates

Remember the "Remind" app? Ah, the LN counselors really liked the convenience of Remind for texting information out...because teenagers DO text when they don't always read email. Unfortunately, Remind went from FREE to expensive, forcing us to move on.

And then...along came "BAND"...

"BAND" is a FREE APP for your phone (works on computers, too) that will connect you with information, calendars, updates for whatever "BAND" you choose to follow.
Download the app--available for Apple and androids--and then JOIN OUR LN BANDS to stay connected to information important for your high school student...PARENTS...you are invited to JOIN OUR BANDS, too:

CLASS OF 2021 (Current juniors)

Class of 2022 (Current sophomores)

Class of 2023 (Current freshmen)

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Final Transcript Reminder

Seniors must submit a FINAL LN TRANSCRIPT to the college/university they are committed to attend.

You do not have to wait until June 2nd to place your order. You may ORDER NOW and select "HOLD FOR GRADES" as your option. LN will forward your transcript to the school you indicate when grades are finalized June 2nd.



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Summer Programming and College Campus Visits

Visit the ADMISSIONS WEBSITE(S) of the colleges of interest to see how you can make a VIRTUAL VISIT and keep your college planning on schedule. Some colleges are making plans to reopen campus for prospective student visits in the fall. If you are interested in a particular college, make it a goal to track their updates and be informed regarding their policies as things change over the summer.

JUNIORS -- College Application Boot Camp -- NEXT WEEK

Juniors...you are going to be SENIORS in just a few short weeks and many of you are starting to think about the college-going process and the next steps for you as you prepare for college searching and applications.

The LN Counselors have held a Senior Boot Camp--College Apps 101 the last several summers, but with current restrictions to get together in person, we will not hold the IN PERSON boot camp this summer.

We've got a great alternative...it's FREE (usually a steep entrance fee) and it is QUALITY help for you as you prepare for college applications. There are several sessions available the first week in June and all you have to do is SIGN UP. You'll get instructions about HOW to log in and WHEN to log in...then you'll get information about writing the ESSAYS needed for college applications.

Do you HAVE to do this? NO...BUT...it is recommended if you are planning to apply to more competitive colleges/universities OR you are applying to competitive programs at universities. Be wise...and take all of the information and insight you can...helping YOU put together a STRONG application for the colleges important to you.

LN submitted an application for this program and was approved, so our LN students may participate for FREE. Interested? SIGN UP using the link below.



JUNIORS...you are the NEW SENIOR CLASS AT LAWRENCE NORTH as of today! Whoot Whoot!

Senior year is such an exciting time and the year will go by quickly...so we want to provide for you as much information as we can to help you explore, research, ask questions, network and prepare for what comes next in your journey.

  • College--visits, choosing your colleges, applications, timelines, tips and more
  • Military--next steps for pursuing a career or experience in the military
  • Career--technical, vocational, trades--what do you need to do to pursue training and certifications in a career of interest

If you missed the Zoom meetings this week, you may access the information for the "Hey...Seniors" workshop here or in your Canvas account. Please...take a few minutes to review the options and take ownership in your next steps.

Purdue Info Session -- Polytech

LN Juniors and Sophomores...EXPLORE PURDUE OPTIONS...register via StriveFair for PURDUE POLYTECH INFO SESSIONS to be held starting May 19th. Visit the site for a full listing of programs and times/dates offered.


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Balanced Man Scholarship

SigEp knows many families are struggling with finances as a result of the pandemic closures and the cost of college can create even more stress. With college right around the corner, we want to do our part to help. Open to SENIOR MALES, the Balanced Man scholarship will be awarded at many different college and universities, including IU, Purdue and the Univ of Cincinnati. A full list of schools and the application for the Balanced Man Scholarship is available here.

To qualify for the Balanced Man Scholarship, incoming students should submit an online application and enroll full time at one of the universities indicated for the fall 2020 term. Final deadlines vary by school, but the early application deadline for most scholarships is June 1, 2020.
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Career Information

Indiana Career Explorer

If your high school student wants to do some self-exploration during this time away from "live" school, encourage a visit to the Indiana Career Explorer website. Students can create an account, take assessments and see how their skills and interests match up to the in-demand jobs Indiana offers.

It's FREE...it's INFORMATIVE...and it's a solid planning tool for your child as s/he makes plans about the future.

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College Admissions Testing


June SAT has been cancelled.

The JUNE SAT will be rescheduled for SEPTEMBER. Visit your College Board account for information about transferring your testing registration.

Please know, LN administration and counselors are working on SCHOOL DAY SAT TESTING for Fall 2020 to help our SENIORS secure testing for their college admissions needs. Details will be shared as soon as we have confirmed testing dates and approval.

To reschedule either the SAT or ACT, please use the contact information below.

SAT: https://www.collegeboard.org/ or 866-630-9305

ACT: https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act.html or 319-337-1270

From ACT:

We understand the many frustrations and fears you are likely facing, including the uncertainty associated with potential closings of test centers administering the ACT. Please be assured the health and safety of students and testing staff is our top priority.

ACT is closely working with test site administrators and monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state government and local public health guidelines. We are preparing to support test centers who are cleared to administer the ACT on June 13, 2020.

During the week of May 26, we will notify students and announce all test center closings and cancelations for the June 13 test date. However, as ACT and other agencies navigate ongoing developments, testing at any test center is subject to change at any time between now and June 13, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Programs and Opportunities

We will update as we receive information about summer programs, employment and other opportunities.

Calling Aspiring Architects

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Youth Violence Prevention Fellowship Seeks Students

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears is encouraging local high school students to elevate their role in reducing violence among peers by becoming Youth Violence Prevention Fellows with his office. The Prosecutor’s Youth Violence Prevention Fellowship will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about existing programs, policies and networks designed to improve safety and reduce youth involvement in the criminal justice system while promoting a platform for young advocates in these public discussions.

The Prosecutor’s Youth Violence Prevention Fellows will be able to draw on resources and opportunities across the agency, along with meeting local political leaders and community activists, through virtual conferencing.

*To be eligible, applicants must be Marion County residents and high school Sophomores or Juniors, ages 15-18.

*Students must commit to virtually attend the summer immersive learning sessions held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week from Tuesday, July 7 through Thursday, July 27, 2020.

*The application can be found at: https://tinyurl.com/2020YVPFellows.

*The deadline to apply is Friday, May 29.

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Parenting Teens

Awesome Summer Outings for your Children

School is out for the summer and parents everywhere are starting to think about the hours of time to be filled for students who no longer have eLearning to focus upon!

It's a great time to start stock-piling some fun (and, shhhh, educational) activities for students eager to get out and see things. Here are a few for you to bookmark for some adventure days over the summer break:

12 Famous Museums to Visit Virtually

Cincinnati Zoo Livestreaming via Facebook

Visit a National Park

Real-Time Tour of the Faroe Islands with an interpreter

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LN Sports

Reminder, the IHSAA physical used for the 2019-20 school year will be in effect for the 2020-21 school year.

Up-to-date information is always available for ALL of our athletics on the LN WILDCATS website.

LN Wildcats Online Store

Get your officially licensed LN Wildcats gear at the LN Sideline Store! Lawrence Township has teamed up with Adidas and Team Pride Athletics to provide our athletes and fans officially licensed Lawrence North apparel. Check out the official online store right here or on our website:


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