School Board Notes

May 2016 - Special Meeting

2016-2017 Budget Preparation Continues

A special meeting of the Methacton School Board was held on May 2 with the specific goal of addressing matters associated with reaching a balanced budget in anticipation of the Board's adoption of a 2016-2017 proposed final budget at the May 24, 2016 meeting. Dr. Zerbe informed the Board that, "The seven motions before you represent choices in our pursuit of a balanced budget, each has its own unique impact and that is why some of these choices may not be favorable."

The following items were approved during the May 2 meeting.

  • The approval of the Early Retirement Incentive Program, given that the minimum of 15 retirees have not been met. Current savings are estimated at $281,785.66. This vote was unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Authorize the administration to send notification to Lower Providence Township of the district's intent to not renew the contract for School Resource Officer services expiring in January 2017, and to authorize the administration to secure alternative School Resource Officer services prior to the expiration of same agreement. This item passed with seven votes for and two against.
  • Approve a reduction to the budgeted athletic field maintenance/replacement escrow amount of $117,000 to a budgeted amount of $0 for 2016-2017 budget. This vote was unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Authorize the administration to solicit and acquire advertisements as permitted under Board policy for location in the gymnasiums of district buildings for the purpose of raising a minimum of $25,000 to offset athletic/activity costs for 2016-2017 budget. This vote was unanimous in the affirmative.

The following motions were NOT approved by the Board. All votes were unanimous:

  • Authorize the refinancing and restructuring a portion of the School District's Series of 2011 and 2013 Bonds with anticipated savings of $575,000 for 2016-2017 budget.
  • The increase to the activity fee for Arcola students from $50 per child to $75 per child and for high school students from $75 per child to $100 per child beginning with activities for the 2016-2017 school term.
  • The reduction of $15,000 to building supply budgets with $1,000 per each elementary, $2,500 each for Skyview and Arcola, and $5,000 for the high School.

Proposed final budget approval is scheduled for the regular May 24, 2016 school board meeting, with final budget approval scheduled for the regular June 28, 2016 meeting. As a result of the actions taken, the current status finds the budget short approximately $83,000 inclusive of Act 1 and PSERS tax increases. Dr. Zerbe received further direction from the Board and plans to address those matters at the Finance Committee Meeting scheduled for May 11, 2016. Follow the budget progress online at

May 2 Special School Board Meeting


Board Notes

The Methacton School District's Board of School Directors meets each month. School board work session meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month, followed by the regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday (except during the month of December). Regular Board and work session meetings typically take place in the MHS LGI, and all residents are invited to attend. Committee meetings may take place in the Board Room at the Farina Center, or the MHS LGI. Meeting agendas are posted to agenda manager, and start times and locations are posted on the District's website. Please confirm meeting time and location before attending. Download the meeting calendar here. Watch the meeting video online.