Whats inside a computer? - 7b

By Kalypso panagiotou - kalpan


the random access memory (ram) is a temporary type of memory storage if your computer shuts down or looses power everything is lost.

VGA Port

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is the standard monitor display interface. Any monitor that is VGA compatible, should work with most computers.


NIC's (Network Interface Cards) are small circuit boards. They are connected to the motherboard. Computer games also contain NIC cards to be able to access the internet.

PCI Slot

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Slot are the connection points of hardware devices into computers, such as modem, network card, sound card, video card etc.


SATA Port (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) are the points to connect the hard drive, DVD drive, SSD drives. You have to use a SATA cable.