TCEA Tidbits

Review of Tech Learning on February 15th

Creating ePorfolios with Seesaw

  • Upload student work and/or pictures
  • Parents can access their child's work, comment on it, and share it with their friends and family
  • Can follow other teacher's "blogs" and create more authentic audiences for students

Replay App

  • Creating videos on a mobile device using pictures
  • Easy "storytelling" format for teachers to share with parents
  • Can add music and text

Shadow Puppet App

  • Allows you to add audio over a picture
  • Can use in conjunction with Seesaw
  • Assess student learning
  • Students read their writing for publishing pieces
Sight Word Assess


  • create videos using pictures and videos
  • owned by same company as Replay App
  • Works just like Replay, but for a desktop
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