The Revolution

What Was It?

The American Revolution was an event that was a major constituent of America’s history. A costly war that lasted from 1763 to 1787 securing America’s independence and gave revolutionary reforms of government and society, in which gave them a chance to continue and live by their own rules and regulations. At its core, the war consisted of colonists who wanted independence and the creation of a republic against the power of the British crown that wanted to keep America as part of its vast empire. At certain times and in certain places, Americans fought other Americans in what became a civil war, colonists refused certain laws and British goods were destroyed as a demonstration for freedom. From the peace treaty signing in Paris right to the end when the British gave into the American’s and the adoption of their constitution was taken into place. But how did the great British empire fall down to the hands of their own people? Millions of diverse viewpoints counter act each argument. Many believe different sections helped win the revolution and finalise their victory. But what was the main event that set America on the path of victory. Many believe that 'The Boston Tea Party was the most important turning point of the American Revolution'. How far do you agree with this?