Trip to MSI...(not the gaming company)

Physical Science

At MSI, there was a robotics exhibit which included drones that can stabilize itself very quickly. On the balcony there was a United Airlines Boeing 727; that was in good shape. Also located nearby is a flight simulator, so I went there with my little brother, David.

The most interesting part of my visit was the Flight Simulator.

I love airplanes; I like to explore cockpits so I sort of had an idea on how to do this (sort of). I was the pilot and my little brother was the gunner. I got confused on the tutorial on how to use the yoke, so we mainly spun around like 15 times. The motion falls under physical science, due Newton's Law of Motion.

Things about me.

I am a huge techie. I have fixed a phone when I was 4 (Believe it or not.). I also love exploring them. My favorite subjects are Math and Science. I love German Shepherds. I like to watch LinusTechTips.