Lineville Technology

BY: reese

go animate

This is an app that lets you creat animations

What we did is we made 2 truths and a lie

I liked it because when i made it i found a lot of cool stuff

i trailer

This is an app that lets you make trailers for movies

I made a movie about cats

it was an ok app because I could not find a good trailer

Typing web is a website that teaches you how to type

I did get really far in it

I didn't really like it because i am not good at typing

Haiku Deck is an app like I trailer

But it is in slides instead on a video

I liked it because it tought me about a career

Explain every thing is an app that lets you make slides

If your working at a job you can use it to show your coworkers

I didn't like it because i didn't learn anything

Career locker is a website that lets you learn about a career

The career that I wanted to be was a video game desiner

It was a fun wedsite