Our Last Week!


This week was our last week at Summer Academy. In our short time, we have learned about many different types of clue designs, what it takes to create an escape room experience, and became better story tellers along the way. We were challenged to find ways to work collaboratively together and improved our designs using the design/Engineering process.

This week we also visited and hosted our fellow 3-5 STEAM students. They showed us their rooms and we helped provide feedback after playing. Getting feedback and revising our rooms has been a big part of our STEAM experience. From play-testing rooms, we learned how to balance making clues intuitive yet challenging. We also found ways to improve our room setting by viewing what other teams created and adapting ideas we like to our own room. Each time our room is played, we constantly found new ways to improve by learning from each other.

It has been a great summer of collaboration, design, and engineering and we were proud of the rooms we created!

Thank you to everyone for a great Summer!

Miss Cordero

Mrs. Formaneck

Miss Lasta