AK Babysitting

Anderson Township in Cincinnati


My name is Anna Keim. I am 13 years old and am in need of a paying job that is fun, and what is more fun than kids? I love kids and have loves ever since i held my little cousin when I was about 6 years old. I go to Nagel Middle School and am in 7th grade. I am active in sports and keep my grades up well.


I am a busy girl but.... I am also flexible, I would be available most weeknights and on weekends. If I have a conflict in any way I will work something out. I play sports, most of them are on weekends, but I can make it work. I get home from school about 2:45 pm so I have plenty of time during the week. The weekend it just depends on what time my sports start at, but i will try my hardest. My time period available is how ever long you need me for, but if it's on a school night we would just have to compromise.
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My age range would be 1-5 years of age. I would be able to feed, play with, change clothes, change diaper, bathe, and put to sleep.