Volcano Types Project

By: Narek Khachikyan

The Shield Hotel

Come on down to the Shield Hotel! Come to our oozing lava spa. Yes, we have a spa. You will feel the pool ooze its lava onto you. The rooms have sound-proof walls to make give you peace and quiet. There also are no big events with loud noises because we want you to be at rest. This also is the largest volcano hotel. It is made of different layers of concrete. The Shield Hotel has broad, gently sloping slides. This is one of the best hotels to come to. If you like peace, come here.

Cinder Cone Hotel

If you are an adventurous person, then this is the place for you. Come on down to the Cinder Cone Hotel. The hotel may be small and steep, but we shoot you right onto the air. We have concerts that have ash, cinders, and bombs in them. In the Cinder Cone Hotel, there is always something blasting in the air. You can also go zip line over a cinder cone volcano, you can which one. Also, for some reason, when we build new concrete, the

rejected debris piles up around the hotel. This hotel awaits you. Will you go on this adventure?

Composite Hotel

In this hotel, you never know what's coming. Welcome to the Composite Hotel. You either get a calm and peaceful night, or a crazy bombing night. We do not even know. This hotel is a mixture of the Cinder Cone Hotel and The Shield Hotel. We have a nice oozing spa, and we have a zip line going over any volcano you want. This hotel is the most dangerous hotel. Do you want to enter? (Please come)