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Assalaamu Alaykum Ikhlas Families!

Our latest update, the third Ikhlas Newsletter, is here.

Find out what our kids and teachers have been up to. . .

Spirit Day - because Ikhlas kids are AWESOME!! ma sha Allah

Subhanallah. On Monday November 30, our first day back from break, we had a special Spirit Day for the Students. A kind of boost in morale and to show the kids that we are proud of them for being so awesome, mashaAllah. We awarded each child with a certificate highlighting something special and unique about them according to their teachers. We had a great time and had breakfast treats and herbal teas for the kids. They enjoyed the morning a great deal and so did the teachers.

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Ma Sha Allah! Look what we made!

We have finished all our planters thanks to the patience and efforts of Sr. Nye so inshallah we will begin planting some flowers and veggies so we have something to eat by the spring and summer. We are throwing the idea around about the chickens and if anyone else would like to help it would be great. Please let me know.

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Robotics Coming to an End

Our Robotics team will be competing inshaAllah Sat Dec 19th and they have been working very hard and perfecting all the elements that have to be ready for this competition. We are all so proud of the kids!!! Mashallah.

Listen Up!

Subhanallah, our 8th and 9th graders began their first podcast. Its one for History class, but once we get the swing of things we will try our best to cover a bunch of different topics. I am super impressed by the creativity and efforts of our students.

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Join us for a special session with Omar Suleiman

Some time this week (we do not have a date confirmed) Omar Suleiman will be coming in to speak to the kids about the history of Jerusalem. I will keep everyone posted about this date, and you as family members are more than welcome to come.

Final Notes

A reminder about the Dec fees and also this Friday (Dec 18th) will be our last day before winter break. School will begin again Monday Jan 4, 2016


Please do stress with your child about cleanliness at school and safety on the playground. Playing and enjoying the backyard is wonderful, but activities that can lead to accidents can be reserved for home :)

In Jan we are planning to start a few more after school clubs. If you have any suggestions or are interested please feel free to contact


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