Brunswick Middle School

February / March 2016 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Congratulations to the following Brunswick Middle School students:

  • Gabrielle Bowie for representing BMS at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration;
  • Tyler Hempe for placing in the top 5% in the nation in the American Mathematics Competion and 1st among BMS 8th graders;
  • Jon Marco Mosley, 6th grade, and Nikita Mallik, 7th grade, for placing first in the AMC for their grade levels;
  • all of our other AMC winners, highlighted in the Math Enrichment column below;
  • our MathCounts competion team for their 6th place finish in the Frederick County Regional Competion (details in the Math Enrichment column);
  • Nikita Mallik for her county level win in the SoMIRAC Young Author's Contest. Read her poem "Tiger" in the Student Work column below.
  • Alexandra Myers, Gavin Melendez, Nikita Mallik, Madison Yablon, Ariel Narayan and Kaley Christman, our school level SoMIRAC Young Author's Contest winners:
  • Alden Bobofchak, our school Scripps Spelling Bee winner, and Nikita Mallik, runner up;
  • Nikita Mallik, our school National Geographic GeoBee winner, Arleigh Peterson, 2nd place, and Tyler Hempe, 3rd place.

Social Media Reminder:

Please remind your students that posting to social media or texting during the school day or on the school bus is strictly prohibited. Students who take and/or post videos or pictures of other students in the school setting on social media such as Facebook or Instagram are subject to school discipline which may include Suspension.

Please refer to Board of Education Regulation 400-73.

For more information on cyber safety, you may check other websites including

No Skate Boards on Brunswick Middle School Property Effective Immediately

Due to recent issues, we must enforce the ban of all skateboards on BMS property. Students may not carry, ride or bring any skateboards onto school property as it has become a safety issue. It is also requested that skateboards are not to be carried on buses. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining a safe environment by sharing and reinforcing this rule with your student.

Online Safety Presentation

Our PTO recently sponsored a presentation by Vince DeVivo, a Community Outreach Specialist from the U.S. Attorney's Office, to increase parental awareness of students' online safety issues. In case you missed it, helpful information from this terrific presentation is linked here:

Upcoming Important Dates

For a detailed list of events and dates please visit our BMS Homepage

Additional Picture Opportunities:

We are experimenting with adding two additional picture opportunities for students. The first will be a voluntary for all students to have a second individual picture taken. Individual pictures will be taken on the morning of February 24th (until 10:15 am). The pictures will have to be paid for on the same day and only students who pay either in advance or on the same day will have their pictures taken. More information will be forth coming about this opportunity for Spring Pictures.

The second opportunity is only for 8th graders. On the afternoon of April 22nd, we will have the entire 8thgrade student body take a panoramic picture and the 8th graders’ families may purchase a panoramic photo. Every 8th grader that is present on that day will be invited to be in the picture and all 8th graders may order the picture on that day. Additional information will be provided closer to the actual date.

Guidance News

Mindsets Plus Skill Sets Equals Results:

Raising Resilient Kids in 2016 Workshop

Tuesday, March 15th at 7 pm

Centerville Elementary

3601 Carriage Hill Drive

Frederick, MD

Want to learn how to raise “Smart” kids? This workshop for parents will show you the latest brain research on what it takes and will give you practical ideas and strategies for what you can do to support your child in becoming his/her smartest self. Topics Discussed:

· How hard work and discipline contribute more to school success than IQ or innate ability.

· How to foster good work habits and build self regulation skill sets.

-How to instill the value of effort and discipline in your child.

· How saying, “No” to your child will make him/her stronger and more resilient.

· How to use praise in ways that empower not enable your child.

The workshop will be facilitated by Kathleen Kryza, MA, Chief Inspirational Officer of Infinite Horizons. Kathleen Kryza has taught general education, special education, and gifted and talented students. Kathleen has also worked with students of varying socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds. Workshops with Kathleen are highly practical, brain-based and inspirational. She has authored and co-authored multiple books on education strategies and has presented for school districts locally, nationally, and internationally for over 24 years on various educational and motivational topics.

Please RSVP to April Miller, Centerville Elementary School Counselor, via email at

International Baccalaureate Program Showcase

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program Showcase will be held on Thursday, February 25th, from 6 to 8.30pm at Urbana High School. The Showcase is a special program of instrumental performances, visual arts exhibits, and research projects by students in Frederick County's IB Program.The IB admits high-caliber students from across the county for a pre-college program that cultivates independent life-long learners, strong writers, and intellectual risk takers.

The entire community is welcome to enjoy this unique evening featuring FCPS students at their best. The event will also include a silent auction; auction items include music lessons, theater and concert tickets, and signed work by renowned public artist William Cochran. The auction is intended to raise funds to help students pay for testing fees associated with the IB Program.

For Details:


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports at Brunswick Middle School

If you have questions about the PBIS program, please contact guidance counselor Kelly Mahn:

From the Health Room

If you have questions for our health room technician, Linda Trabold, please call the health room at 240-236-5359.

Order your yearbook now!

Great News! This year's yearbook sale has been extended! Visit and enter school code 29301 to order your yearbook today! Each full color yearbook costs $20.00. Yearbooks will be delivered in June. You must order a yearbook by March 16th. Don't delay, order today!
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8th Grade Students of the Term

Pictured Left to Right: Maggie Reed, Willow Walters, Andrew Landry, Isabella Riitano, Abbey Rohmiller, and Gisselle Beck

Not Pictured: James Miller, Christian Moran, and Stefan Kenny

Stefan Kenny I would like to nominate Stefan Kenny. He is a great student, always polite, and shows great character. ~ Mrs. Young

Andrew Landry Andrew Landry was selected as student of Term 1 by Mrs. Thrasher, for his positive attitude and work ethic in science class. He has a great attitude regardless of who he is working with. He tackles each topic with enthusiasm and always gives outstanding effort on each assignment and activity. Assignments completed by Andrew are always very complete and organized. He is a pleasure to have in class and is always able to bring innovative ideas to our class and lab discussions. Congratulations Andrew. ~ Ms. Thrasher

James Miller James Miller is an awesome Social Studies student. He is always ready with his work done and done right! He questions ideals and values with respect and backs it up with research and education. James is also always there to help anyone in the room, including me, when problems come up with technology. I think James will be a great leader one day. ~ Mrs. Rousseau

Maggie Reed I would like to nominate Maggie Reed for student of the term. Maggie is very focused on her studies, always goes above and beyond on assignments, and readily works with any student in class. Maggie is always pleasant, respectful and helpful towards all staff members and substitutes! A true leader in the classroom! ~ Ms. Wilhelm

Abbey Rohmiller Abbey is consistently meeting or exceeding the expectations in and outside of class. She is diligent with her work and has communicated her understanding and concerns efficiently and effectively throughout the term. She takes full responsibility of her learning and provides nothing less than her best! Excellent work Abbey! ~ Ms. Harris

Gisselle Beck I would like to nominate Gisselle Beck. Gisselle is an excellent student who consistently does thorough and superior work. She enjoys learning and accepts new information and assignments as a personal challenge to excel. Most importantly, she sets a positive example for her peers through her behavior and attitude. It is truly a pleasure to have her in class. Gisselle deserves to be recognized as Student of the Term. ~ Mrs. Rowley

Isabella Riitano I am pleased to recommend Isabella for student of the term. She is an exceptional student. Isabella is intelligent, diligent and always looking for ways to challenge herself. She does not hesitate to help her classmates when they need help. In addition, Isabella is responsible, kind and respectful. ~Mrs. Martinez

Willow Walters It is my pleasure to nominate Willow Walters for student of the term. She is always the first to volunteer in class, she is the first to help, and she always tries her best no matter what the challenge. She is consistently kind to her classmates and she is a constant model of exemplary classroom behavior. She works exceptionally hard to produce high quality work and she is often undaunted by challenges. Willow is quite deserving of this recognition. Congratulations, Willow! ~ Mr. Strait

Christian Moran I would like to nominate Christian Moran for Student of the Term. Christian is always willing to volunteer in class discussion. Christian completes his work on time and usually takes responsibility for his work. He uses highly creative ideas in both Language Arts and Problem Solving. It is great to see the personal growth Christian has made as a student from last year. Congratulations Christian! Keep up the great work! ~ Mrs. Smith

Classroom News and Student Work

Mrs. Baughman: All classes have February monthly books due Feb. 29.

Mrs. Van: We are in need of donations of baby food jars for science classes.

Artwork details: Mr. Groff's 6th grade Visual Arts students created life-sized (for them!) Egyptian sarcophagus drawings, which connect to their Social Studies unit on Ancient Egypt. Maggie Williams took her drawing a step further by making it 3-D! It took a few weeks to complete in-between working on other projects, but the impressive result can be seen on display in the BMS front office.

Tiger by Nikita Mallik, Frederick County Young Author's Contest Poetry Winner

His movements spoke of nobility,
shreds of dignity he still grasped;

Once a king, now a mere slave.
I remember him vividly;
his zoo habitat a rocky alcove,
where the only shade was the tiniest of caves.
There was an overhang of rock under which he would pace,
and a glass wall beyond where
the humans,
children and adults,
photographers and spectators,

marveled at his regal poise

with noses pressed to glass.
"This is amazing," they would say.
"I'll remember this as long as I live."
But they wouldn't;
he was just another wonder
in a zoo filled with wonders;
a spectacle whose only purpose
was for human eyes to gawk at.
But I knew how he felt;
how his ethereal eyes

only ever glimpsed
humans, awestruck by him;
by what he was,
not who he was.
And somehow, that tiger knew
that I empathized with his predicament
in a way no one else ever bothered to.
So for the first time
in his captive, miserable life,
he raised his eyes to the glass
and met mine.
Cameras flashing madly behind me,
I tentatively reached out to him
hoping to break his shell
and warm his frozen heart.
It wouldn't last, of course.
I would never see him again,
my offered friendship
nothing but a byproduct
of my own selfish desires.
The tiger recoiled,
eying me with disgust.
His eyes conveyed a message
more clearly than if he'd
somehow spoken aloud.
'You're just like the rest of them.'
And as he stalked away,
head held high and pelt gleaming in the sun,
avoiding my gaze at all costs;
as I desperately pressed my hands
to the glass,
I realized that the tiger,
majestic and dignified
even after being denied
its rightful freedom,
was probably right.

Math Enrichment Activities

The AMC8

The AMC8 was held on Tuesday November 17th. The AMC8 is a math contest for middle school students from the Mathematical Association of America. It is held every year on the 3rd Tuesday in November and is open to all students. Students complete 25 difficult questions in 40 minutes.

On Wednesday, January 20th, the 2015 AMC8 participants were invited to a short presentation of certificates for placement and participation plus a small celebration.

6th grade:

1st place: Jon Mosley

2nd Place: Jackson Acker, Agya Baffoe, Isabella Dressler, Quint Rymes

3rd Place: Aaron Hall, Ella Machen, Logan Minnis, Will Quigley, Skyler Roberts, Bryton Schnur

7th grade:

1st place: Nikita Mallik

2nd place: Kaley Christman

3rd Place: Casey Stepoulos

8th grade:

1st place: Tyler Hempe

2nd place: Heather Goodnow

3rd Place: Mattie White, Emily Willems

The BMS School Winner was Tyler Hempe

Honor Role- finishing in the top 5% in the nation: Tyler Hempe

The top 4 participants – Tyler Hempe, Nikita Mallik, Jon Mosley, and Heather Goodnow will have their names engraved on the AMC8 plaque in the awards showcase.

Students will have a chance next year to participate in the 2016 AMC8 by signing up in their math classes beginning in August.

MathCounts: The Frederick County Regional Competition took place Saturday, January 30 at Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School. MATHCOUNTS is a national mathematics program for sixth, seventh and eight grade students with the purpose of increasing enthusiasm for and enhancing achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States. Each spring the program culminates in a national competition. Seventeen schools competed in the Frederick regional with the top four teams advancing to the state competition. One hundred sixteen students competed in the event, with the top 30 individuals advancing to the state competition, to be held next month. Eight students from the BMS Mathcounts Competition Team participated. Our official team of Heather Goodnow (8th grade - team captain), Tyler Hempe (8th grade), Nikita Mallik (7th grade) and Mason Loeffler (6th grade) finished in 6th place. In the individual competition catagory, Tyler Hempe finished 7th and in the Countdown Round Tyler finished 2nd place. He received trophies for both. Our other team members are Colby Hurdle, Harrison Loeffler, Isabella Dressler, and Quint Rymes This team has worked hard the past five months staying after school solving difficult math problems. Congrats to the team!

If you have questions about our math enrichment programs, contact math specialist Kim Schmidt:

Music Reminders from Mrs. Moran

The students in All-County Band, Chorus and Orchestra will continue rehearsing in February for the Middle School All-County Performance which will be held on Feb. 8th. Participating students were chosen based on their performance at a try-out. They are considered the "best" musicians in middle school.

The concert is on a Saturday and will be at GTJHS. Students will be given more information during their evening rehearsals.

The 7th/8th grade Chorus' Annual Adjudication will be held on Feb. 22nd at Middletown High School. Students will be given the details in class and a note will be sent home via students. This event consists of the Chorus singing three prepared pieces in front of three judges who critique their performance and assign a score. After performing, students sight read a rhythmic and melodic pattern and are scored by a fourth judge. These songs are of a caliber that challenges their current singing level. Every school that has a chorus participates. Adjudication scores from high to low are: I=superior, II=Excellent, III=Good.

The Feeder Pattern Choral Concert will be held on Feb. 25th, a Thursday, at BHS. This concert will include all elementary, middle and high school students currently taking chorus. BMS students are to wear concert attire (black on bottom, white on top), and arrive at BHS by 6:30 p.m.

Frederick County Science & Engineering Fair - Register Now!

The 35th annual Frederick County Secondary Science and Engineering Fair will be held at Tuscarora High this year April 1-2, 2016 in partnership with the Frederick Jaycees, MedImmune, Inc. and Thermofisher. The top winner from the high school division will represent Frederick at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix. The top 10% of the middle school division will be eligible to participate in the national Broadcom MASTERS competition.

The secondary science and engineering fair is being held the same day and location as the elementary science and social studies fairs! The secondary science and engineering fair will be in the gym.

Registration is now open and will close at 4PM on March 14, 2016. For details, please visit

PTO News

President’s Message

It’s hard to believe that half the school year is already behind us. I’m excited to share that we have accomplished a great deal during this time. In a few short months, we have increased our financial base; increased membership by 50 people; sponsored and managed a second school theatrical play involving over 50 BMS students and two performances; provided our teachers and staff with two meals; held three well attended dances; completed two very successful fundraisers; offered BMS Spirit Wear resulting in higher sales than last year; applied for and received four grants from the Community Foundation of Frederick County; increased communication through our Facebook page; and the list goes on. There is much more to accomplish, and we need your continued parent involvement to make it all happen. Thank you for all your help so far. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming events and sharing some of your time and talents to help make the second half of the year a success, too.

School Store – We need your help

The PTO provides the students with an opportunity to shop at a school store to purchase school related items. Items that are offered include traditional lead pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, paper, composition notebooks, rulers, erasers, poster board and much more. The students love to come by and see what we have and get something new. We like to have this store open once a week. We’ve had multiple volunteers give their time, but we need more. Please consider volunteering a couple hours one day a month to help. If you can help, please email us at and let us know. Thank you.

Spring Fundraiser – Wolfgang Candy

Ready for Spring? We have a wonderful and delicious new fundraiser for Spring! The PTO will be having a Wolfgang candy fundraiser the first couple of weeks in February. The PTO can earn up to 40-50% of the profits! There will be prizes for the top sellers! Please watch for a “Find out First” with more information including how to take online orders. If you have any questions, please contact Vicky Melby @

February School Dance – Friday, February 19th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm

Show your love for others while having fun at our February Valentine Dance! We are encouraging all those who attend the dance to bring a canned food item to support our local food bank! What a great way to have fun and give to those in need! Food can be dropped off during ticket sales as well as the day of the dance! Let's see which grade can bring the most donations!

The dance will be held Friday, February 19th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Tickets are $3.00 per person! Our DJ will rock the cafeteria, the gym will provide great recreation, and our library is open for quiet games and fun. Concessions will be sold including pizza, candy and chips. We hope to see everyone there for the best Valentine Dance ever!!!

Direct donations – A great way to directly support student programs

You can make a direct donation at any time. Direct donations support the students and school 100%, and the donation is tax deductible. To make a direct donation, please make a check payable to “BMS PTO”, place it in a sealed envelope marked “BMS PTO Direct Donation” and send it in with your child. Ask them to give it to their first period teacher. Please check with your company about matching funds for donations, as this will help the school twice as nice.

Box Tops and Labels for Education

Thank you, parents, for sending in your cut Box Tops! Please keep sending them along with Labels for Education in every month! They make a difference.

Curious how much we’ve earned through our Box Tops monthly contests so far? Well, let us share the good news. We received a check for $380.80 and are expecting another one for $200 for the additional Box Tops already submitted. Thank you!!

And our monthly Box Tops contest will continue awarding extra recess to the grade sending in the most. Sixth grade won 15 minutes of extra recess for December, with a total of 330 box tops. Seventh grade sent in 281 and eighth grade collected 81. Which grade will win extra recess for January and February??

The Facts: Box Tops in particular are a way to make "free" money to support our students and school programs. Every Box Top is worth $0.10. If you are already buying items with Box Tops on them, they are an easy way to contribute to the school. Parents, please encourage your student to bring them in. You can also ask grandparents, other relatives, and neighbors to cut and save them for you. One BMS family has relatives sending them in from New York for BMS! Click here for the Box Top website to read more about this program.

With Labels for Education, we don't receive a check but are able to use them to order various items for the school or the PTO. For example, this year we ordered some basketballs, soccer balls and footballs for the PBIS Store that students could get with their RAIL passes. We will order other items for the PBIS end-of-year raffle. Click here for the Labels for Education website to read more about this program.

PTO Meeting – Wednesday, February 3rd and March 16th at 7:00 pm in the Media Center

Our next meeting will be February 3rd. This date is the January meeting rescheduled. The original February meeting will be canceled. The following one will be March 16th. This is a little earlier in the month due to Spring Break. Please join us to hear about we have coming up and ways to get involved.

Contact information

Facebook page: Brunswick Middle PTO



From the Media Center

Please visit the Media Center webpage at to access our free databases, our library catalog, and our collection of ebooks and audiobooks. The free Axis360 app gives students access to over 500 books they can read or listen to on their mobile device. Download the app today! Login with your student ID number and the last four digits of the student ID number as the PIN.

If you have questions about our media program, contact media specialist Jennifer Bean:

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