Vienna is the capital and one of the nine states of Austria.

Yummy foods in Vienna

The food they eat for the day in Vienna.Vienna peoples like to start the day with a little breakfast like coffee and rolls.Many peoples are interesting in vegetarian.Having a soup,meat,and vegetables would be the best main meal of the day.Enjoy some jause

a coffee break with cake and pastries at mid-afternoon.Now make sure to try one of these food because Vienna peoples enjoy it lots.

Culture in Vienna

Vienna is really popular at music and they have important things also.Are you wondering a famous place for music? Vienna would be the best one.Largest religious

and ethnic groups and traditional holidays are the important holidays.On January or February vienna peoples likes you to join the waltizing lesson they have.Anywhere in Austria you can find great extensive cultural choices and sports in Austria trying these fun activities

Fun activities in Vienna

What are the things you get to do there?Education,literature,music,and science was the center.You actually get in the city.Easter is not only a christian festival because it based on the interpretation.Church festival gets to give there own interpretation any time they want.Did know you can learn and lots of many things like travel

What happen in Austria lon time ago?

Things that happen in Vienna long time ago.Lots of people that live in Austria mostly are catholic also called catholic country. Christianity had to came to austria sometimes as the Roman Empire.The church and the state were together in one in fall but,now they got separated.Holy Roman Empire and Invasion where with Austria. Roman Empire used to be with Austria many times.

Languages you can learn in Austria

Best way to learn german and Austrian would be travel to Austria.Austrian and German would be the national language they speak.German is really closed to Austria and since that they speak german too.German spoken in a part of another region which is different. Library in Vienna have found more than 1.3 billion books that are foreign. You can learn more than one language so fast in Vienna.

What is it like in Vienna

What is the weather like in Vienna?The season that would mostly cloudy and wet would be fall and spring.Valley are often filled with fog and cold air filled the sheltered valley facing south through them winters.Mountains are really cold but in the winter time it started to get even more cold.All the season looks nice and you can vist there ant time you likes.
Vienna Top 10 Attractions - Austria Travel Guide


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