Roll Out the Aqua Carpet....

We have a new sparkler on their way!

Welcome Ladies and Gents!

Welcome to Origami Owl!I know there is a crystal clear aqua ocean waiting to be filled with all kinds of O2 knowledge and that is what your mentor and I are here for!

My name is Vanessa Ramirez, and I have the pleasure of being the mentor to your mentor, so, you can call me Grand Sparkle, lol. I have been with Origami Owl since last february and for those that don't know, the company started in direct sales last January and was still considered in a pre launch status. Origami Owl is based out of Chandler, AZ that houses our beautiful "Nest." The company grew so fast, they actually moved to a bigger Nest this fall and added on more warehouses and staff to accommodate our ever growing needs. As you all should know by now, this company was founded by 14 yr old Bella Weems because she had a dream of a white pick up truck for her 16th birthday.

Bella wanted a truck so badly, just like one her friends and she told her mom, Chrissy that she wanted her own for her 16th birthday. Well, Bella is 1 of 5 children and so Chrissy told her she would have to work and they could match her on whatever she made. She ventured into babysitting and made $350 that they matched her. After that she wanted to move into the business world to make quick cash. After brainstorming and seeing a similar concept with soda bottle cap jewelry (the girl on Sharktank) she loved the concept of interchangeable jewelry and wanted something personal that could represent someone's life. That is how Origami Owl was born. She had 2 companies as suppliers and Chrissy's background is interior decorating, so they set out to different "home boutiques" to set up set with other vendors and through word of mouth more and more started catching on in Chandler.

They decided to go for it and opened a kiosk in the Chandler mall for Black Friday in 2010. The rest is history, people started asking where they could buy more where they were from, how they could take it to their state, etc and they felt direct sales was the best route. We find ourselves speeding through last year, 2 wait lists that we have climbed up and pummeled through and revving up for the most AMAZING 2013 year this company, that is currently the second fastest growing direct sales company EVER is about to blow through!

Origami Owl: Our Mission is to be a Force for Good, to Love, Inspire, and Motivate Women (and Men) of all ages to make a Difference in the lives of others to reach their Dream and Empower Them.

Welcome to Origami Owl! Make today AWESOME!

Your Family Tree

"We will start at the very beginning, since that is a very good place to start"

Origami Owl currently has 6 founding members: Kristine Stevens, Heidi Russell, Karla Savage, Tami Butcher, Kimberlie Russell, and Maggie Stephens.

You my friend belong to the Kristine Stevens family, designer #1001, senior director. Let's recap, when O2 was beginning they signed on designers starting at 1001 as previous numbers were used in beta testing, Kristine and Heidi are the only 2 women who hold the title Senior Director, a title not even on our career plan yet. Are we all up to speed here? That means Kristine was the very first designer with Origami Owl! Kristine is based in Chandler and heads Team Shining Jewels. You will receive monthly newsletters and she hosts calls as well that fall under her whole umbrella so if you hit high sales or most recruits, etc, you will be recognized amongst MANY sista owls!

Here we go:

2. Rochelle Britton- Director, Team Whootie Whoots based right outside Chandler,AZ.

Rochelle signed under Kristine and sends biweekly-monthly newsletters to everyone under her scope.

3. Melissa Ghane- Executive Team Leader, Team Steamrollers based in Irvine, CA

-Melissa is OUR Senior Director.

4. Michelle Levitt- Senior Team Leader, Team Hedwig based in Moorpark, CA

-Michele Bradley's DIRECTOR, Head of the WOO TO THE HOO rewards program.

5. Michele Bradley- Executive Team Leader, Team SWIFT based in Eastpointe, MI


6. Vanessa Ramirez- Execitive Team Leader, Team Sparkle and Shine

What you need to know if where you come from and most important where you can inspire yourself to be. This is it ladies, no 200 people removed from you don't know where, this is your lineage!

While everyone listed has their owns groups on Facebook , everything you need to know is in Team Swift and our own page, Team Sparkle and Shine. Your mentor and myself will stay in Team SWIFT under my momma owl and we all work together.


When you receive this email, I do ask you request to join Team Swift as that is our closest Director's page (my mentor Michele Bradley) and join in to Team Sparkle and Shine.

Training Wheels

It can be super overwhelming at first even if you have read everything a Designer in Waiting is supposed to. We guide on display, the kits, business cards, bookings, everything! The veterans thankfully have those bruises healing and scars of glory for the buyers remorse on owls, display items, what they should have invested in experience that you want to look to them for. Our Golden Rule is Be A Force For Good, let your mentor be there for you and that doesn't mean they have all the answers, but give them time to source out who can help find that answer too.

  • When you join Team Swift you will be introduced to your sister owls and they probably have some of the same questions as you but the best thing to do is look over Policy and Procedures first!

  • Check out the 5 tips to Success

  • Lastly and probably the most important thing after you order your kit, YOUR BUSINESS CARDS!!!! Our business cards are ordered through Flyers Direct, this is the ONLY company we are allowed to get business cards from as the Nest has a strict branding with this. They allow us quite a bit of flexibility but this is something you must follow.

About Me

As stated above I started with Origami Owl in February. Some of you know that I do work full time in Pediatrics which is what really drew me to this company after hearing that a young girl had the motivation and support to carry out her dream. I have a 4 year old daughter and expecting a baby girl in April and so it gives me the hope and confidence that I can help and support my children grow to be responsible young adults just like Bella and many of the patients I care for on a daily basis. This company has provided me a multitude of resources and friendships inside and outside of it but networking and communicating with others. Life gives you unexpected turns and while I started in Origami Owl kind of as a hobby to pay for my Pinterest and crafting addiction, the company was destined to help me really find my niche. I took leave in October and Origami Owl has now become full time for me and will continue after I have my daughter because I will only be going back to pediatrics part time, that's how much it's changed my life. Coming from someone with small children who had a full time job and managing a ground floor company I know first hand we get busy, your mentors get busy and I just want ya'll to know I'm here for you too!

Good Luck Ladies!

-Vanessa, Team Sparkle and Shine