All About Jellyfish

By Mackenzie

Jellyfish are amazing creatures. Come along and see all of their amazing features, life cycle, and food.


Jellyfish are not fish they belong to a group called invertebrates that swim in the ocean. They are mostly made up of water and protein. They can be large and brightly colored. Like red, purple, brown or black.These colors help jellyfish by making it hard for the predators to see them. Some light up, this helps them attract prey or scare predators. Did you know that jellyfish have no brain, hearts, or ears but some have eyes?The hood is on top of them and their tentacles are under them


Jellyfish use their tentacles to sting and poison prey.They eat plankton, fish eggs and young fish.They use their tentacles to bring their food to their mouth.But jellyfish have to be careful because tuna, sharks, swordfish, sea turtles and some species of salmon eat jellyfish.

Life Cycle

Jellyfish begin as tiny eggs.Then their mother carries the eggs until they hatch. They are now called larvae. After they have hatched they attach to a rock until they can swim on their own.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know some jellyfish can be bigger than a human!Also jellyfish have been around before dinosaurs!Scientist have found 2,000 different types of jellyfish!

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Tentacles=A thin and flexible arm that only some animals have.

Invertebrate=A animal with no bones.

Larvae =The second stage of a jellyfish's life cycle .

Plankton=Tiny animals that float in the open ocean.