Growing Spain

Pizarro's discovery

We have just received word that Francisco Pizarro has returned from his adventures. He has returned with great stories and alot of gold. He has founded a new city for us and conquered a 'city of gold' for us to enjoy.

New legends from Coronado

The Great explorer Francisco Coronado has returned from his long journey with tales to tell. We hear he has spent the past 4 years discovering new things daily. We hear he has discovered a huge crack in the ground that has no bottom.

Cortez's Adventure

We have just received word that he has conquered land and gone to great lengths and risks for us. We hear he is a very brave person who has conquered an empire in the new lands for us.

Soto the Warior

Hernando de Soto has returned with battle stories to tell for years. He has traveled over many miles of land for the past four years killing everyone who dared to challenge him.