By: Aakash Dholakia

What is Cloning?

Cloning is making a genetically exact copy of an organism with the same traits as the donor.

Point of view

My point of view is the scientist, but I think that cloning is good AS LONG AS its not abused.

When did Cloning come about?

The first famous clone was a sheep called Dolly in 1996.

Dolly was not the first clone but the first clone created by somatic cell nuclear transfer.

However, cloning had been attempted before.

In 1885 the first demonstration of artificial embryo twinning done by Hans Adolf Edward Dreisch.

1952 first successful nuclear transfer done by Robert Briggs and Thomas King.

1996 Dolly the sheep is born: bred by Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell

2001- the extinct Bucardo is resurrected but only for a very brief 7 minutes due to lung failure but this proved that a recently extinct species can be resurrected.

Fun fact: Dolly had 3 mothers, one supplied the egg, another, the DNA, and the last, gave birth to Dolly.

How is cloning done?

Cloning is done by extracting the DNA from whatever you want to clone. Then you take the egg from a different specimen of the same species and remove the nuclei's DNA. Then you put the DNA from the first specimen into the second and put the egg into the third.

Why clone?

Bring back an extinct or endangered species

Make a copy of a pet that it dead.

Clone livestock- more profits for farmers and more meat to eat.

Cloning problems and risks.

If you are trying to bring an extinct species back, the DNA may be damaged and the organism will not survive or it will have a mutation.

The clone may not live that long ( one lived only 7 minutes)

A clone has no way of adapting to a new disease because it has exactly the same genes as its donor.

How to control cloning?


Government facilities- the only problem is the I don't trust our government not to abuse our DNA because in the past the government has had some leaks. Ex. Edward Snowden


Top agents.


Limit the amount of cloning facilities in existence and let only the people who contributed the DNA have access to it- NO EXCEPTIONS.


To prevent illegal cloning, cloning abuse, and stop people from stealing the DNA of a different person.