War... What is it Good For?

Nothing...because the deaths don't defend anything!

The Grim Reaper is Ready

I Wonder if Death Likes War.

The deaths in World War Two 85,000,000 human being that died in World War One 20,000,000 deaths in It. Now look at this graph this is a giant toll. Now you might be saying how does it go so high well these are all countries together counting deaths I have the american deaths too which is kinda sad considering this is our country.

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PTSD a Symptom of War

PTSD is caused when you see something terrifying that gives flashback it is very common and cannot be cured it is a usual cause of suicide,it happens most when you are more Than 19.

But This Makes Everyone Sad

Now this is worse than death. Approximately 400 people kill themselves and 182 per day in the military. These deaths should not be caused they should be stopped because this shouldn't happen don't even think about it.

Destruction No More Death

Who Thinks of Reasons of War

Now causes of wars are so silly like religion you can believe in anything and when your religion says not to fight don't. Plus war on money,money is stupid the world can run without money so don't fight for it.

Boom Baby

War can run over a town In seconds and destroy everything all belongings gone all houses gone nothing left. This is the worst thing that can happen to you. This is why war should never come never start and not be remembered. Here's a graph of house that needed to be rebuilt during war in the UK.
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War Should Never Be an Option

War is nothing but a bringer of grief sadness death and destruction that should be frowned upon and never remembered. What do you think of war now do you think it brings democracy or death sadness and grief.

I Have Something in Common

Many of my family members have or are in the military so join me and we can fight war together