Fast Start News!


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We've been challenged!

We have been challenged by the leadership team! The MM team with the most pop ups booked by Jan 19th will have one team member eligible to win an entire capsule collection!! In order to be in the raffle you have to have a new pop up booked! If you are unsure about how to do this make sure to reach out to me! This is going to help you.

Once you have your pop up ( OR MULTIPLE POP UPS) in the system we can work together to make sure it is a success! And this is important because the team with the highest pop up average will be in another raffle for an entire capsule collection!! EEEKKK!!! This is so exciting!! Especially for Fast Starters! You all have the opportunity to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK and reach some huge numbers!! Your fast start is an amazing opportunity to generate excitement and support for your new business!! You do not have to be 100% ready for your first event! You can find all the information in the Academy and in the community and I am here for you too! You just need to be 100% EXCITED!!!

I LOVE Hearing from all of YOU!! XOXO Janet!! 954-536-7632 Set up a chat with me!

An Idea for YOU!!

I just got word that WE are hot on the tail of the leader for the number of pop ups booked!! The #1 MM team has booked 8 and we have booked 6!! Let's DO THIS!!! WHOOOOOOP WHOOOOOP!! Amalia Lewis, Coleen O'Brien, Caroline Christensen, Teresa Beatriz, Aimee Rooks, Jacqui Hopkins-Smith, Erica Ardolino Comparin, Rachel Beechboard + Vicki Laude all have events booked!! Let's get MORE!! Here is an IDEA FOR THIS WEEKEND!!! >> How about a catalog pop up THIS WEEKEND? You pick 3-5 hostesses, give them catalogs and all the info and let them know for every $200 in sales she can earn $50 IN FREE JEWELRY. That could add up to SO MANY SALES! Check out these tips here on the Perch as well in case you missed how to have a $1000 Catalog Party!!