Southeast, Kentucky,Arkansas,Louisiana,Alabama,Georgia,South Carolina,Florida,North Carolina,Virginia,West Virginia,Mississippi,Tennessee,


In the south region their are a lot of land forms pied-mount an area of hills and beautiful valleys. lien inland from the coastal plains most of the stats. of the southeast.


IN the southeast their are lot of farming. A type of flowing trees that grow wild in the southeast and growing a lot of food.The kinda food their growing is crops Georgia far means grow thirty-eight percent of the nations. peanuts also rise oranges and corn and cotton and peaches.


The clement is about 50 to 80 to degrees also some parts are vary dry and also they can have hurricanes that form over the waves and dye store all most everything. also their are heavy clouds and wet air at mid temperate.


Tree are a resource that grow height into air.Deep ground there is another resource that is important in the southeast.Fossil fuel. a fuel that form-ems the earth from the remains of plants of animals.