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Clara Barton

What Clara Barton Has Done To Help The Community

Clara Barton was an independent nurse during the Civil War. She helped the hurt when they got wounded. She was a very brave and strong woman. Clara signed the Genva Agreement which helped with humanitarian treatment during the war. Clara Set up the Red Cross in 1864.

Impact To the Community

Today, the Red Cross does many things for the community. It is in charge of helping with blood donations. There is always a shortage of blood and many ill people are in need of blood. The Red Cross also provides food,shelter to the people with natural disasters for an example the Helen ice storm in Appleton right now!
Clara Barton presentation
Clara Barton Tribute

Background Information

Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford ,Massachusetts. When Clara Barton was 11 she got her first nursing job. When Clara was 16 she became a teacher for 12 years! Clara Barton would practice here nursing on the battle fields.,,

What I Can Do Help For The Community.

Here's what I do to help! I can pick up the litter in my neighborhood and help to volunteer as a babysitter. Maybe I could start a charity to help raise money for a M.S.! My friends and I could have a lemonade and make money to give to the Giving Tree or do all of that. All I want to do is to every thing a I can help. I love helping people!

All About Me

I am 10 years old and I'm in 4 grade. I have 2 cats and I live in Howard, Green Bay, Wisconson. I have 2 other siblings. 1 older and 1 younger. Their names are Maddy is the younger one and Jake is the older one and I need to menchon my name is Abigail. My Parents are not in a devors and their names are Nicole Vandrell and Jason Isaac. Me and my family get toghther very well. This was all about me!