Internet Slang Bro

It's pretty cool bro.

Why Internet Slang Is Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two sources that I used gave many examples of the popular internet slang such as lol and jk. This slang is stuff that people use all the time, everyday on their phones, facebook, and other ways of communication. This is a easy way to talk to people and it is also faster. What I realized from looking at these sources is that their are a lot of different types of emoticons. There are different types of internet slang for everyone.
I think that internet slang can be a good thing. It is an easier and faster way to talk to people digitally. I think a lot of people already use it so it is really popular. Internet slang is a good thing.
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This is a meme which is a type of internet slang. You mad bro is also an example of internet slang.
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