By Noah Jarmon

Capital of Guyana:

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown

Major cities in Guyana:

Their are not many major cities in Guyana,but some major cities are Georgetown,Linden,and New Amsterdam

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History of Guyana

Controlled by any country? It's independence? Is it still controlled by another country?

At one point in time Guyana was controlled by the Netherlands. Later, it gained independence on May 1966 and is stil independent.

Official language of Guyana:

The official language of Guyana is English which is very surprising

The flag of Guayana:

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Where is my country:

My country is in South America

Physical features:

Some physical features of Guyana is that the Amazon River runs through it, most of the land is forest, it has a coastal plain, and the land area is 197,000 square kilometers.

Political Information

Type of government: Democratic Republic.

Leader/President: Donald Ramotar

Economic information:

Guyana's currency is the (GYD) Guyanese dollars. Their economic system is capitalism

Tourist information:

I think people should visit Guyana because Guyana has wonderful tourists attractions like beautiful rivers and forests. I think tourists should see the wildlife and take trips around the jungle and the coastal areas