Macy's 4 levels of Industry

By: Kyndall Reed

Agricultural Industry

The cotton is planted. Then a machine picks it out of the ground. After that another machine sorts the cotton from the plant. Next a machine cleans and packaged the cotton.

Manufacturing Industry

When the cotton gets to the Manufacturing company they take the cotton and weave it into fabric. Then gets died different colors. After that it gets packaged and sent. Then take the colored fabrics and sew them together to make shirts, dresses, pants, ext.

Wholesale, Transportation, and Retail

Then gets sold to retailers. After that they take the cloths to the retailers by truck, air plan, train, ext. Once the product gets to Macy'sthey the sell product to consumers.

Service Industry

They have to advertise Macy's product. They could do this by commercials, magazines, ads, radio ads, bill boards ext.
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The cotton is plated and picked then sent to Manufacturing. then they make cotton into fabric then cloths. Then gets sold to Macy's shipped and sold to the consumers. To make shore every one knows about this product it get advertised. Eventually lots will know about this new line of cloths from Macy's.