Clash of clans and basketball

Extra curricular activities

Reasons I like clash of clans

Reasons I like clash of clans. I like clash of clans because it is a good way to end the day. I also like all the art in the game character map ect. This game is an addicting game. I also like the concept of the game build ,attack and get attacked I know it doesn't sound like a fun game when I put it like that. If you give this game a try I guarantee that you will like it. Some more reasons I like about this game are the people you can meet from all over the world. Tou can also talk to your family and friends who don't live near by. Clash of clans is important to me because it's fun and I get to meet new people. What I do in clash of clans, I build a village build an army and get attacked by other people I also attack other people and their villages. Clash of clans is a different community than let's say, unlike other games you are independent but in clash of clans your clan donates troops to you and you have to work together in clan wars. These are some reasons I like clash of clans

Reasons I like basketball

I like basketball because it is a fun sport and it relaxes me. When you here the sound of the ball going through the net, swish it feels like you just won a million dollars it feels like you just accomplished something big. If your interested in playing basketball you should play, you will not be disappointed. When I play basketball I'm focused on nothing but playing. Basketball is important to me because when I'm stressed or sad I know that I can just pick up a basketball and let all my stress or sadness just float away. Basketball isn't just fun to play but it is fun to watch. Like when your favorite player sinks the buzzer beater 3 you just want to get up and scream at the top of your lungs. Watching basketball can also bring together neighbors together on game day.I also like to play basket ball on my Xbox because it is fun and entertaining and fun. My basketball community is different from other communities because it means a lot to me. It is also really important to me and my family. My grandpa used to be a coach so he helps my out a lot with my shooting and dribbling. That is why I like basket ball and it is important to me
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