Geography of Ancient India!

learn Ancient India's geography!

Questions? 1. 2 .3. 4. 5.

1. Where is Ancient India located? India is located from the bottom of Asia. India is a subcontinent because even though it is part of Asia the Himalaya mountains separate it from the rest of Asia. 2. Why did they settle here? They settled there because of the natural resources that were around it like the Ganges river and the weather there like the dry winds and the wet winds. 3.What geographical features are present? cotton,pearls,dimands,and also elephants. Some geographical features are like rivers,ponds,and sand deserts. The native Americans thought it was a good place to live with its natural resources and geographical features they thought it was very good land to settle. 5. Some natural resources that are still there is elephants, dimands, pearls, and cotton those are some natural resources.
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