Small city, vast adventures

By: Alex Levin

Introduction to my personal hero: my dad

Imagine this: getting up at 6 in the morning to deliver newspapers with your dad. David Levin used to do this in the dead of winter with his father. He grew up in the small city of Minneapolis, Minnesota before moving to New York City as an adult. Getting up in the morning helped him and his father grow closer and taught him necessary life skills he still uses to this day. Please take a moment to listen to David's journey from getting up at 6 am in Minnesota to working in the big city of NYC.

My Dad. My Friend.

David Levin, my dad, is a hero because of he goes out of his way for my sister and me every day. He not only works a full time job, but drives me to all of my activities and always asks if I need help with my homework. He sacrifices his personal time in order to take care of Sam, my sister, and I. I would like to take a moment to thank him for all that he does, so thanks dad! I know I may have my moments but I always respect and love you. You always are there when I want to tell someone about friend drama, advice, or really anything I need. It may not always seem like it, but I really do apprecitate every thing you do for me!
What is your definition of a hero?

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Eleanor Roosevelt: a powerful woman

Imagine being the First Lady when the country is in desperate need of help. The options are to sit back and let your husband, the President, deal with it or take the initiative. Eleanor Roosevelt chose the second option. This forced her to break out of her shell in order to make a difference. When jobs were scarce, she aided many people who were unemployed find to jobs during the devastating Great Depression. Eleanor Roosevelt exhibits the traits of a hero because she puts other’s needs in front of her own and her ambition to help others.

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Is it beneficial for teenagers to have a job?

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The Most-Organized Man Award

I would like to award David Levin with the Most-Organized Man Award. David is by far the best candidate for this prize. His office and home are extremely neat with every object having its own place. When traveling for a trip, David checks every bag and room about ten times to make sure everything is packed. Not to mention, when it comes to being on time David is never a second late or unprepared. All in all, there is no one more worthy of the Most-Organized Man Award than David B. Levin.
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