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Healthy Cat Supplement - Which Ingredients to Look For in a Good Pet Vitamin

A good cat supplement is an important part of any feline diet. The plain truth is that most commercial brands with pet food just don't have the nutrients needed to keep your pet's immune system strong. If you're a cat user of several years, you may have panicked during the huge cat food recall back in 2007 because of the alarming number of cat deaths blamed on certain brands' ingredients. That unfortunate incident triggered plenty of cat owners to switch to help raw, natural food for their pets, and consequently, to augment the lack of nutrients with a daily vitamin.

But what is a the best Billig kattemalt for your beloved furry friend? One of the most important things you should look into before buying is that the product protects your cat's liver. Some dietary formulations claiming to be healthy cat supplements actually simply focus on how to make your pet's coat shiny and less coarse, and other superficial results that can mask serious health problems that you can't easily see.

The liver is a vital organ that cleans your pet's circulation and helps to dissolve toxic build-up. You must understand that when your cat gets older, its liver becomes more subject to ailments such as hepatitis, inflammation of the bile ducts (called cholagiohepatitis), and feline fatty liver disease. As soon as out in the wild, your cat will instinctively turn to Nature's antioxidants, such as Echinacea, cat's claw, ginseng, milk thistle, licorice root, and certain other herbs to make itself feel better.

However , since your pet is domesticated and most likely spends more time indoors, these natural herbs aren't easily available to them when they really are feeling sick. That's when you should start considering healthy cat supplements that remain faithful to the healing together with detoxifying powers of Nature without additional harmful synthetic ingredients.

Consider the following herbal remedies for your cat if it's feeling sick: Echinacea, which is also used by humans to treat flu; milk thistle, a powerful liver stimulant proven to stop jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver, and hepatitis even in ancient times; cat's claw, an herb that will strengthens the immune system; mistletoe, which is far from the poisonous herb portrayed in books, but which moggies would eat in the wild to aid respiratory ailments; astragalus, the herb that helps improve appetite and healthy blood sugar levels; and Indian ginseng, which promotes healthy blood circulation. Now, imagine ALL of these natural ingredients in one FDA-approved healthy cat supplement, and which are easy to give to your cat because it comes in capsule form.

A vital issue you have to remember when selecting healthy cat supplements: see if all the ingredients are natural and FDA-approved. Any synthetic additive can only do more harm to your cat's immune system!

Protecting your beloved cat's body's defense mechanisms the natural way is one of the best gifts you can give to it. You can administer regular doses of this formula by giving ones cat half a capsule twice a day, or by mixing the contents with its food. Consistency is usually key in keeping liver diseases at bay, and promoting overall health and immunity for your cat, so it's best that you really stick to a regular schedule of providing a proven healthy cat supplement to your pet.

Can You Give Cats Supplements? Nature Has The Answer

Do you give cats supplements? It's a question many concerned owners have asked and the answer is a resounding without a doubt. Not only can you, but if you want to keep your cat as healthy as possible you should add a daily supplement to their regular routine. And nothing works better for maintaining good overall health than 100% natural products. Of course examine the specific product selected with your veterinarian, as you want to make sure that 1) it will be well tolerated by your cat together with 2) that the ingredients in the product you'd like to use are compatible with other treatments recommended by your veterinarian.

You might think that you take such good care of your cat that it wouldn't need a supplement but you'd be surprised. Cats face a variety of potential health threats every day including pesticides, artificial colorings and preservatives, and even second hand smoke. All of these usually requires a toll on their health and it is up to us to do everything we can to counter these threats.

If you're one of the many people who have asked can you give cats supplements you'll be relieved to know that you can. But you can take other measures to ensure good health as well. Keeping your home free of pesticides and smoke is better for you and your pets and providing them a natural diet made up of unprocessed foods is another way to ensure they are getting everything they need to get a healthy body.

Along with these simple steps, adding a natural supplement to your cat's regular routine can make a big difference. Supplements have been formulated using many of the same herbs and other plants which animals in the wild are instinctively fascinated by when they are sick. Since domestic animals don't have the same kind of access to these plants, they need to get it an additional way.

Created by trained homeopaths, natural supplements use ingredients like Echinacea, Mistletoe, Milk Thistle and Huang Qi to help improve vitality, promote a healthy appetite and sustain a proper energy level. Not only can you give cats health supplements but products like these are actually recommended because they improve the function of every organ and result in good body's defense mechanisms function.

Natural supplements offer the best option for your cat's health since they are formulated to enhance the healing power of the person ingredients by bringing them together in a specific blend. Not only does this heighten effectiveness but, since every ingredient is 100% natural, it also means that your cat won't be subjected to any harmful side effects.

Which means that can you give cats supplements? When they are all-natural and guaranteed effective, the answer is yes. And you can strengthen their effectiveness with proper diet, plenty of water, continual access to a clean litter box and lots of exercise every day. Everything adds up to the best solution for maintaining your cat's overall health.

You want what's best for your furry friends and that suggests keeping them as healthy and happy as possible. With the healing power of nature, that is easier to get than ever. Talk to your vet today about adding a 100% natural supplement to your cat's regular routine. People and your cat will both be purring about it!