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Hello Class of 2025 Students and Families,

We are so excited to welcome the newest member of the Viking family-- YOU! Beginning high school is an important step on the road to becoming an adult. The staff, administrators, of Christiana High School and Middle School Honors Academy welcome you to the Christiana Campus. We understand the questions and challenges which freshmen face, and we are prepared to help you make a successful transition to high school. All of us will work hard to make your year pleasant and successful. If you have worries about starting high school, we encourage you to contact one of our counselors, a they can help you know what to expect and how to make a good start:


· Mrs. Habbert- Honors Academy, Grades 6-12 (Kimberly.Habbert@christina.k12.de.us)

· Ms. Rumley- Grades 9-12, students A-G (Tylesha.Rumley@christina.k12.de.us)

· Mrs. Donaldson- Grades 9-12, students H-N (Katherine.Donaldson@christina.k12.de.us)

· Mrs. Nersasian- Grades 9-12, students O-Z (Amanda.Nersasian@christina.k12.de.us)


Use this link to read about our various Course offerings.

How do I select my courses at Christiana?

Much of your freshman schedule will be made of required courses. In the spring of the 8th grade (NOW), Christiana's School Counselors and your current Grade 8 team will recommend classes that are in line with your interests and abilities. All of these courses will count toward your high school graduation credits.

All freshmen will take English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, and Physical Education. A few electives are also available, but enrollment in these classes may be limited by available space in classes. If your first choice of an elective cannot be scheduled, counselors will suggest another choice.


How can I get connected with Christiana before I officially arrive?

Glad you asked! Please click complete the form, below, to join the Christiana Class of 2025 Schoology. You will receive important updates and get to know our Campus.

Am I able to meet my School Guidance Counselor to ask questions?

Yes, we have two opportunities to log into Zoom Q & A sessions:
  • Friday, March 26 at 8AM- 10AM
  • Wednesday, March 31 at 8AM- 10AM
Christiana Class of 2025 Schoology

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