The Manta ray

Manta ray

The manta ray is a beutiful creature a creature of mysteries it is a stingray looking animal it has a triangular shape and can grow 6 times bigger than the average adult.

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You will find them living throughout the Atlantic Ocean including the regions of South Carolina, Brazil, and Bermuda. They are also known to be in the North including areas of New Jersey and extending all the way down to San Diego, California. As long as the water is warm and has food the manta ray would live there. They live close to coral reefs and are very easy to spot.


The manta ray's diet consists of plankton,small fish and sea plants. Manta rays are filter feeders and filter out all the water.A full grown manta ray eats up to 60 pounds of food each day


For the Manta Ray maturity to reproduce is dependent upon size rather than age. For the males it is when they are approximately 13 feet in length. For the females it is when they are approximately 16 feet long.

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