5BL Newsletter

September 30-October 4

We are getting excited about our big author visit on Friday, October 4 when Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver come for a visit. The students have been working on an alien drawing with Mrs. Ranucci in preparation of their visit.

In reading, we are still reading becoming Naomi Leon. Students will participated in an activity called Hot Seat last week. They were role-playing and answering questions as if they were a character from the book. Students loved this activity, and I told them we would do it again towards the end of the novel.

In fifth grade math, students tested on Friday and we are now beginning Module 2. We will be starting off with multi-digit multiplication.

In accelerated math, students are starting a unit on Ratios. Some classes are still finishing up their test from last week, and will also complete the transfer task before beginning this unit.

In writing, students have finished or are finishing their final drafts of their memoirs. Their final printed copy is to me by Monday. We will also be doing grammar lessons this week looking at complete, simple and compound subjects.

In spelling, we are on List 5 that again is open syllables. Please continue to have your child study their words and their meanings on a nightly basis.

In social studies, we are going to try an finish up Chapter 5 this week. We have two more lessons to read and then we will complete notes and hopefully review and test by Friday. We will also be starting Science. The students are looking forward to the change of pace :).