The Clockwork Three

Matthew J. Kirby / book report by Caiden Hennessy


Giuseppe is an orphan who works for Stephon. Stephon runs an orphanage where he takes kids away from their families. He takes them if a child is not wanted, is in trouble, or if he just picks them randomly.Giuseppe was picked randomly, so he's trying to save up enough money to buy a boat ticket so he can return to his family and friends.But there is a problem .The ticket costs $15.00. This takes place in the 1800`s $15.00 was expensive.


Frederick is a blacksmith's son who helps around the shop, but sometimes he likes to run around town.He finds new people who come together and have a relationship with each other.One day his dad told him to run into town to get some coal for his dad's furnace.On the way back he finds a girl who he thinks is pretty and asks her for directions to his home town. When he started heading home he wished he had asked for her name.


Hannah is a maid for the grand hotel where she works for the worst lady ever. She always demanding her to do things. Hannah is lucky to get even a break.She is always running upstairs and downstairs to help someone who doesn't even need help at all.One day Hannah finds a gold watch and said “ With this watch this could be enough money to pay a years rent!"

The main problem

Giuseppe : Giuseppe does not have enough money to a get a boat ticket.

Fredrick : His mother died of normal causes.

Hannah : She does not get a long enough break from work and doesn't get enough money.

Why would i recommend this book

The reason why I would recommend this book to you because it is keeps you on your toes and makes you wondering "whats going to happen next ". On the way they're lot of adventures and lots of secrets on the way .I hope you enjoy this book .